The best of both global and national Advertising Ideas

The best global and national advertising ideas

Advertising needs to be special and unique to have any chance of grabbing consumer interest; run-of-the-mill campaigns simply don’t stand a chance to garner interest for the advertiser’s product in today’s competitive market. Advertisement reduced to its simplest denominators or bare essentials is not enough, it needs to have that x-factor to cajole and encourage prospective consumers to try out the product, so more creative and unique an idea is, the more valuable it is.

This article lists the some of the best advertising ideas from around the world and a few ideas from India from the recent campaigns of a lot of well-known as well as niche brands. These ads aptly demonstrate how the creative process associated with ad-making had taken a gigantic leap and the level of planning that’s now become synonymous with the complete process.

  • Bosch Refrigerators – What better way to advertise a refrigerator than show one that can preserve food for a couple of million years?

    Bosch Refrigerator could store a dinosaur leg for you
  • Folgers Coffee – A poster of the coffee brand was placed on manhole covers in New York through which steam came out, a perfect example where the ad used environmental factors to become much more captivating.

    Folger's Coffee poster placed over manhole cover in New York
    Folger’s Coffee poster placed over manhole cover in New York
  • Hong Kong Yoga Center – Small scale, economical at the same time effective in conveying the message of the brand, a how-to-guide for all ads.

    Yoga Center Straw
  • Sanyo Xacti Camera – The Company wanted to advertise its brand of water-proof cameras, it devised a funny yet suitable ad to get its point across.

    Completely Waterproof camera that even an octopus can hold
  • BIC Razor – A lot of outdoor advertisements go for extravagant effects to get their point across, BIC however took the minimalist approach and it works pretty well.

    BIC Razor Campaign
  • Kill Bill – Talking about going over the top with outdoor ads, this action movie ad campaign, the oldest on this list shows how that could be enthralling if done properly.

    Kill Bill Campaign
  • Cafiaspirina Painkiller – It demonstrates exactly when the consumer should opt for it over the more popular Aspirin Brand putting its point across in a sublime and witty fashion. Medical products and funny ads usually don’t go hand in hand but here the brand pulls it off admirably.

    Most men need this painkiller
  • Mini Cooper – Rounding off the list with another brand which has a rich history of providing wonderful outdoor ads that make optimum use of its environments; Mini Cooper juxtaposes a model of itself on the entrance and exit of Zurich, Switzerland train station.

    Mini Cooper outdoor campaign

The Indian brands are slowly catching up to the importance of having an interesting idea on which they could base their campaign, a concept that instantly captures consumer attention. These are the top three Indian ads which understood the need for an interesting campaign.

  • Rexona – A mall in Mumbai puts stickers of shoppers on sliding doors which parted to let consumers enter and then they saw the Rexona ad, helping the brand to drive home its point.

    Innovative Rexona Campaign
  • Eatalica – The American-Itlaian food joint had a wet floor warning placed in front of its posters while the poster itself said “Ogling at the burger may involuntarily cause drooling, which may in turn lead to a wet floor.”

    Eatalica Wet Floor Campaign
  • Road Safety – Bangalore City Traffic Police put up this poster as a measure to promote road safety.

    Bangalore Traffic Police Road Safety Campaign

The success of these advertisements’ lies in the fact that though they are creative, they are not difficult to understand. The creativity does not come at the cost of ease of understanding to the consumer. If you want such original advertisement ideas for your product for any medium be it cinema, newspaper or radio you can contact the Delhi based releaseMyAd. It is the premiere ad agency in Delhi with a long list of satisfied clients.