An assortment of Advertising Methods that all marketers in Delhi could use

Best Advertising Methods

Advertising method is nothing but the process that an advertiser chooses to get his message through to the target consumer. The best advertising methods accordingly vary depending upon industry sizes, organizational needs and target market. In Delhi, the best advertising method to target the upper middle class would be TV advertising while outdoor or cinema advertising might be preferred to target a particular locality.

Innovation is the best advertising method

The main methods of advertising are classified on basis of medium they use. They had remained constant throughout the years with only digital advertising being a recent addition. They are:

  • Print Advertising – It involves any form of advertisement that is printed on a portable printed medium. For large companies this can include a full page advertisement in leading newspapers, ads in magazines, monthly newsletters while for smaller start-ups this might include nothing but flyers and direct mail.
  • Broadcast Advertising – Any form of communication through a mass medium such as television or radio falls under this category. Its main feature had always been its ability to reach the maximum number of consumers, so they are also one of the more expensive advertising methods. Television is a medium that is exclusively used by MNCs (Multi National Companies) or larger companies while SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) prefer radio.
  • Outdoor Advertising – They include the banner ads and hoardings that are placed at places where they would supposedly get maximum views from the target market. They are cheap and can be effective if used properly. In Delhi in an interesting campaign Big Bazaar took a dig at Westside in an outdoor hoarding by saying a smart choice is keeping West-Aside and selecting Big Bazaar for your shopping needs.

    Big Bazaar Westside Brand War
  • Digital Advertising – Any form on advertising originating over the internet is an example of digital advertising. It includes everything from the junk mails to the ads that pop up on your social media fields. A newer branch of Digital Advertising is Mobile Advertising which uses cell phones rather than the internet as the medium to get its message across.

    The question that bothers all marketers

It is obvious that irrespective of the medium an advertiser selects, he has to be aware of the crucial advertising techniques like using effective headlines and conveying the right emotion (in-keeping with the product personality) be it humor, love to garner maximum views.

There are certain special forms of advertising methods that companies can use to boost sales as well as build brand recognition. They however need to be used intelligently and sporadically to reap the maximum rewards.

  1. Guerrilla Advertising – It is a low-cost, unconventional marketing form which tried to advertise products locally and in an interactive fashion. It initially included drawing graffiti and posting interesting flyers but now it had become a much more sophisticated. Its main aim is to get potential consumers talking about the product leading top word of mouth publicity. The different types of guerrilla advertising are ambush marketing, viral marketing, stealth marketing, etc. In Delhi, viral marketing had proved to be popular to garner positive word of mouth reception.

    Guerrilla Advertising
  2. Product Placement – It is also known as embedded marketing and involves any form of promotional measure which places the advertiser’s product in a show or a movie. The whole benefit is derived from the context and environment where the product is placed and it’s also a non-invasive form of advertisement. A lot of Bollywood movies which had been shot in Delhi had used similar techniques to appeal to consumers.

    Product Placement in a Bond movie
  3. Cross Promotion – It’s a marketing technique where customers of one product are targeted by the marketers of a complimentary product. It creates a win-win situation for both companies. Co-Marketing and Co-Branding are key concepts of cross promotion. Airtel recently promised a certain amount of free talk-time in Delhi on a few select brands of Nokia phones.

A marketer though must be careful about using such unconventional advertising methods because if they fall flat, the brand can take a serious hit with a lot of negative PR being generated about it. On the other hand intelligent use of such methods can lead to favorable word of mouth publicity which in this age of social media can make a campaign instantly successful.

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