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Tender Notices in newspapers

Tender notices in newspapers are common around the world as public sector organizations in many countries are legally obliged to release these Tender Notice advertisements. These ads are for the benefit and convenience for those contractors who need to be informed about new opportunities of work, contracts or service delivery. In India, there are thousands of tender ads published in newspapers every day. These notices are declarations by companies or individuals to invite target service providers or contractors who are interested in taking up and delivering necessary services to public sector organizations, as is mandatory by law.  Here, targeted readers are either invited to bid or directly apply for the contract, depending on whether the ad is an Open or Closed Tender.

The word ‘tender’ is derived from an Old French word called tendre which means “to offer”. It is believed that when merchant ships arrived at a port of call, they would create a notice enlisting all the goods they were willing to sell or buy and send it to the shore via a small boat before the main ship arrived. This small boat was referred to as a ‘tender’ leading to the process of notifying the public about sale & purchase of goods and services as “Tenders”.

As you may have noticed earlier, there are mainly two different types of tender notice ads – ‘open tenders’ and ‘closed tenders’. Open tenders are available to all contractors or vendors who can guarantee performance. On the other hand, closed tenders are more restrictive and are only open to a specific list of contractors. The latter tender ad type involves a two-step process as listed below:

1)      The first step is finding a short list of vendors who are suitable for the job or the relevant contract

2)       The second step involves finalizing a single contractor from the list of invited applicants to complete the work

Some reasons why closed tenders are published include confidentiality issues like tenders associated with the military or when specialized skills are required. Closed tenders may also be used when only a limited number of vendors are required or there are specific reasons for expedience like emergency situations.

Tender notice ads can be published in newspapers as well as on the Internet, but a newspaper tender ad is always way more valuable and dependable than the one online. The practice of Newspaper Tender Notice Ads has been an age old practice and therefore is also a much more reliable practice for almost all public sector organisations and tender contractors. Also, unlike publishing ads on the Internet, publishing tender notices in newspapers is extremely common and effective in India. This is mainly because of the importance and extensive reach of newspapers all over the country in every household.

At releaseMyAd we provide simpler ways to book tender notices in any newspaper of the advertisers’ choice and requirement. You can now sit in the comfort of your office or home and book these tender notices instead of bothering with a newspaper ad booking agent. When booking tenders, it is recommended that you choose national broadsheets which have editions all over the country or popular regional or local newspapers which have a strong presence in your area of focus. This will provide you with much more effective results and drive more relevant responses.

Therefore, it can be seen that tender notices in newspapers are still very influential in India but the ways to publish them have become much easier through the Internet. Here, new and innovative websites have provided fast and easy ways to publish these tender notices without all the hassle previously experienced.

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