Top 10 Newspapers in Mumbai for Newspaper Advertising

Times of India-The most popular newspaper of Mumbai

Mumbai is one of the most sought after cities of India for advertising. It is the ideal abode for a huge number of ad agencies, major newspapers and other advertising platforms. The ‘Maximum City’ has an abundance of newspapers which are ideal for advertising and is an abode to some of the major Indian publication houses.

Advertisers often get confused due to this abundance of newspapers and find to difficult to choose the one which suits them best. There are certain factors to be considered while selecting newspaper in any city for advertising or promotional activities. Keeping these criteria in mind and to help you select the newspaper most suited to your requirements, releaseMyAd assists you with a list of the top 10 newspapers read across Mumbai. You can review the list in our Newspaper Decider section as well.

Below is the list of the best newspapers in Mumbai based on their popularity, circulation and readership to help you choose the most suitable newspaper for your advertising campaign.

The Times of India

The Times of India is one of the largest English-language newspapers based in Mumbai. According to the Indian Readership Survey (IRS) 2012, it is the most widely read English newspaper in India with a readership of 76.43 lakhs with a circulation of 31.4 lakhs on a daily basis. This newspaper tops the list in terms of reader retention, faithful readers, growth, popularity and of course circulation and popularity.  It is best for big budget display ad campaigns.

Maharashtra Times

Maharashtra Times is the ninth largest selling daily regional newspaper in the country. It is a Marathi newspaper based in Mumbai and is the sister publication of Times of India. It enjoys the second largest readership in Mumbai among Marathi newspapers, only next to Lokmat and has a daily circulation of 10 lakhs.

Mumbai Mirror Newspaper


An addition to the Times of India group is Mumbai Mirror which is among the leading English tabloids of the city with a daily circulation of about 6.02 lakh copies. It can be considered to be a very suitable option for retail as well as matrimonial and Business advertising.

Navbharat Times

Navbharat Times is one of the largest read Hindi newspapers of Delhi, Mumbai and Lucknow. Though this publication has joined the race of leading newspapers in Mumbai, it has established a strong foot hold for itself. NBT has a circulation of 1.4 lakhs across Mumbai with almost 4.7 lakh readers in the city. This newspaper is highly popular among Hindi readers since Mumbai barely has any Hindi language newspaper.

Punya Nagari

Punya Nagar is an extremely popular and highly read Marathi newspaper and the fifth most widely circulated newspaper in Mumbai. It has a readership of 10.86 lakhs with publishing centres in all major cities of Maharashtra with a circulation of 4.02 lakhs. This particular Marathi daily is one of the most popular newspapers throughout Maharashtra.

Punya Nagari-Popular Marathi Newspaper of Mumbai

DNA – Daily News and Analysis

DNA is a highly popular broadsheet in Mumbai and its claim to fame began with its introduction of India’s first daily printed in a completely coloured page format. This newspaper targets the young readership and has it’s headquarter in Mumbai. The circulation of DNA (Daily News and Analysis) is around 2.7 lakhs daily while its readership is as high as 6.06 lakhs across Mumbai only as per the IRS.  Considering the kind of audience it targets, this newspaper is ideal for brand promotions, youth directed products and services, matrimonial ads and more.

Sakal Mumbai

Sakal is also one of the most popular Marathi newspapers circulated across Mumbai and other regions of Maharashtra. It has proved to be one of the best options for personal and matrimonial advertising. Bearing a circulation of 1.12 lakhs in Mumbai and a readership of 2.2 lakhs, Sakal has created a substantial baseline for itself.


Lokmat too is an extremely popular Marathi daily of Mumbai and the rest of Maharashtra. It has acquired a circulation of 2.07 lakhs in Mumbai alone with a readership of 2.4 crores across India. Lokmat is a newspaper which had set its place in the heart of its readers since its inception which is why it has such an enormous readership which is comparable to several national newspapers.

Midday Newspaper Mumbai Edition

Mid – Day

Mid-Day Mumbai is the first daily Indian afternoon English tabloid with a growing circulation, which is currently in the range of 2 lakhs in Mumbai. This particular newspaper also targets the younger generation including the office going people who may not find time to o through a morning daily. This afternoon tabloid was established with those readers in mind who can read the newspaper only during their lunch break in the afternoon or at home in the afternoon.

The Economic Times

ET is the world’s second most widely read English Business newspaper following the Wall Street Journal. The main content is based on the Indian economy, share prices, prices of commodities, international finance, and other matters related to finance. It has a circulation of 2.03 lakhs only Mumbai alone and the readership is more than 1.85 lakhs.  It is an ideal platform for Business advertisers and is also a finance content based initiative by the Times Group.

Now, pick your favourite or preferred newspaper from this list in order to target your audience as per your convenience. Keep the figures in mind, analyse the needs of your target audience and gauge your promotional or visibility requirements before selecting any newspaper for advertising.


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