Why are Public Notices and Tender Ads Published in Newspapers?

Public Notices in Newspapers
Public Notice Ads in Newspapers

Public Notice Ads in Newspapers: One of the most important category advertisements published in newspapers across India are the Public notice and tender ads. In a country that is ruled by a democratic governing body, it is always a mandatory action for government institutions as well as private establishments to notify and inform the citizens about recent developmental changes in any rules and policies.  In fact, not only the government bodies, these ads are also released by a large number of individuals, courts and housing societies who intend to convey important legal information or clarifications. These are published in the newspapers with the purpose of notifying the public or the government officials. A trusted broadcasting medium like newspaper is the best tool to communicate such notices as a result of its mass appeal. Therefore a huge number of these advertisements are always published in highly circulated newspapers across India in public interest.

Public notice ads might be of several types starting from Court Notices, Property deal notices, public notice for loss of documents, any legal notice, loss of essential certificates, death of father/ mother without making any nomination, any kind of dispute in the family, possession notice etc. These are therefore legal notifications which are not to be confused with Tender ads, published, mainly by business houses or Private companies with the intention to promote and sell their business or stating the financial condition of their company, thereby building cosmic relationships with other leading business institutions. Mostly the tender ads that are published by the Government are a necessity while the business organisations publish tender ads with the purpose to Sell/Buy services, contracts, goods etc. A major reason why tender ads are published in newspapers is to garner better response and ensure wider publicity from bidders across the world.

Public Notices in Newspapers

Newspapers which Tops the Priority List for Publishing Public Notice Adverts:

Some of the newspapers which are largely popular for publishing public notice advertisements are the Hindu, Hindustan Times and the Economic Times. High in their circulation number and readership, these newspapers enable public notices as well as tenders to be published in the Text Classified format. Since, these kinds of advertisements are broadly published in the Classified Display or Display Ad Format, they are quite expensive. More often than not, it is an obligation rather than a deliberate action to publish the ad in Display or classified display format. This is because the content of such notices is so vast that a simple text ad is not enough. Also such ads need to have the logo of the organisations which are publishing them for authenticity which cannot be shown in a text ad.

Important Documents required for publishing Public Notice Ads:

Since Notice ads are published mainly for legal verifications, the need for supporting documents while publishing the ad become necessary. To publish a public notice in newspaper, a letterhead from a practicing lawyer explaining the reason for publishing the ad, along with his signature, registration number and seal is required as a proper legal or supporting document.

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