How to Book Your UFR Advertisement in the Newspaper of your choice in 3 simple steps?


A UFR advertisement, basically refers to a public declaration or tender ad by organisations that are registered with the National Stock

A Classified Display UFR Advert

Exchange of India. These ads depict and convey the financial status of the advertiser or the organisation which has published the advertisement. It is a tender notice which is a mandatory notice to be published by all ‘limited’ company owners following a quarterly meeting of the board members and the chairperson as per government guidelines. The relevance of such an ad for its advertisers is explained by the full form of UFR which refers to ‘Unaudited Financial Result’.

There are certain points that are to be considered while booking a UFR advertisement, so that it is published exactly in the way you intend it to be. Take a look at the following points before you go ahead with the booking of your ad.

  • While publishing a UFR Advertisement you must know that it is necessary to be published in at least 2 newspapers, of which one should be in English and the other should be a regional or vernacular language newspaper.
  • The English newspaper in which the ad is to be published must also be circulated in the region preferred by you.
  • Any UFR advertisement can only be published in classified display or display ad format which are measured in terms of their size and priced accordingly
  • The main ad category for UFR ads in any newspaper is Public Notice and Tender ads while UFR is the sub-category under it.
  • Display UFR ads can be published on any page preferred by you while classified display ads are published only in the classified section of the chosen newspaper
  • While display UFR ads can be available in custom sizes, please keep in mind that classified display UFR ads can

These are some of the points to be considered while booking your ad in any newspaper, now it is necessary to know how to release your UFR advertisement in a newspaper of your choice. The steps are provided below for you to follow:

  1. Visit the Public Notice & Tender Ads page, choose the ad type as Classified Display or Display, select the newspaper and proceed to pick the package or edition you prefer
  2. Then choose the ad design template and customize it as per your own preference or you may also upload your own ad design in .pdf/.tiff/.eps/.jpg format as per your convenience
  3. Once done with the composition, confirm the ad release dates and then finally proceed to make the payment through the online or offline payment options whichever is convenient for you

While composing your advertisement, you can make use of Images and logos in your ad and also alter the width of the length of the ad in case of classified display ad as much as you like while the width can be altered only to one column (3 cms) or 2 columns (6 cms). In case of display adverts you can publish your ad in any size and on any page.

A Display UFR in a Newspaper

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