How placing Court Notice ads have become a necessity!


Court notice ads are usually placed in the newspapers to inform the general public about any judicial or legal action that is taken against a person or an entity, individual or company. Notice ads are more of a legal formality so it is important for people to publish an advertisement in a newspaper. Marriage notice ads are published in the newspaper by those who are getting married beyond the Indian Territory. The marriage notice ads serve as a platform to communicate news to the family and friends of the newly couple. A notice which is meant for any individual, a company or any other entity regarding any sort of warning, general information or grievances related to any legal affairs is termed as Court Notice or Legal Notice.

Court Notice Ad

The time period of publishing the court notice ads on newspapers based on the nature of the notice is decided by the law. Court notice in newspaper are published to keep the general public informed about the changes or how to take part in local community meetings or the hearings that are taking place. Court notice ads are mainly placed in the newspapers due to their wider reach and can be published in any language, locally or nationally. There are no restrictions on the ad size and they consist of text, images and logos. Notice ads generally require to be placed in one English newspaper and one local newspaper.

Newspaper prices are based on the readership due to which newspapers are an economical option for advertising in comparison with other platforms. Various national dailies, regional newspapers, vernacular dailies and community news journals are available due to which the advertiser would not find it difficult to arrange an ad space in the newspaper. Court notice in newspapers can be placed by any advertiser based on his budget which can be very low or high. 

Type of Advertisement Formats 

Court Notice or Legal notice ads are published in newspapers in two different formats which are listed below:

  • Text Classified – Court Notice or Marriage notice ads can be placed in simple text formats known as the Classified Text format. Some of the newspapers give the leverage to place the notice ad in text form. The ads consist of a few words and lines. Classified Texts Ads are placed only in the classified section of the newspaper. 
  • Classified Display – Most of the newspapers accepted Court Notice ads in Classified Display form where the advertisements need to appear in a box. These court notice ads in Classified Display formats are a bit expensive and are placed under the notice section of the newspaper. You can upload either image or logo along with the ad text. Any kind of notice ads are placed in black and white format.
  • Display Advertisements – Most of the newspapers accept court notice advertisements as display formats. The ads are placed under the notice section of the newspaper. Display Advertisements are high cost however every newspaper has a separate special rate for notice ads which are lower in prices than the normal ads. Notice Ads are mostly published in black and white form.

Supporting Documents required for placing a Court Notice Advertisement & Marriage Notice 

  •  Court Notice – Lawyer’s Letterhead menting the ad content and Authorization Letter 
  •  Marriage Notice – Application for marriage notice attested by the Marriage Registrar at the Consulate General of India 

Quick Ad booking steps :

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