Advancement of Booking Ads in Newspaper


Have you ever thought how newspapers ads were booked some years back?

Well to have a clear picture of this, let’s go back to the era where people had to face a lot of difficulties in getting their advertisements booked in the newspapers. We all know how busy the media houses are! Starting from news pouring from different sources round the clock to other publishing issues they are always stuffed with different responsibilities, so they permitted brokers to do their part for bringing ads in their newspapers. This sounds pretty simple, isn’t it?  But in reality, it is one of the most tiresome and lengthy procedure that the advertisers had to experience whenever they tried to book newspaper ads. For instance, if someone has to place a matrimonial ad in the newspaper at that time they had to run to the brokers who used to charge extra cost for acting as the middle –man between media houses and the advertiser.Newspaper Advertisement

Just visualise yourself in that scenario once and tell me would you like to take so much trouble just for placing one ad in the newspaper? Or do we really have so much time to waste it on someone who will try to lure us to fetch extra money!  So in 2008 the idea of online ad booking in newspaper came into force to simplify the complicated procedure. Today you are just a click away in reaching your preferred newspaper to place an ad. releaseMyAd, being the largest online advertising platform enables the advertisers from different corners of the world to book their ads in any newspapers of India at no extra cost.

Merits of Online ad booking in newspapers:

  •         Collect data– Online ad booking helps advertisers in finding information about their target audience as well as the circulation number of the newspaper on which they decided to place an ad.  
  •         Multiple options– releaseMyAd has brought the entire marketplace in your hand, so you can browse through different newspapers which are circulated in India.
  •         Cost effective- advertising in newspaper is the most cost effective method than any other medium. You only pay for the words that you want to appear in your ad.
  •         Wide reach– With a low-budget , you can reach out to the entire population of a city
  •         Time –saving- You can book your ad online just in few minutes by following the instruction on our ad booking portal
  •         Hard –to-miss – We can assure you that your ads won’t be missed by the publication house and it will be published as on the specified dates.  
  •         Track your ad- Just in case if you can’t find your ad in the newspaper we will help you to track your ad in the e-paper and will send you a copy of it.

releaseMyAd offers you a wide range of ad categories like recruitment, business, property, education, matrimonial etc. So you can place your ad in any these categories and upload the relevant documents if required. Our executives are always there to help you guide through the entire booking process. So reach us anytime to place your advertisement in any newspapers of India.

Our ad booking process is very easy, as we aim at making advertising easy for our clients. So follow these 4 steps below to book your ad in the Indian Newspapers:

1)     Visit our website (

2)     Select your preferred newspaper, city, and category

3)     Enter your ad text and choose the publication dates

4)     Now proceed to make the payment through our various online or offline modes.

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