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In India, marriages are considered as one of the sacred affair uniting two souls for a lifetime. Like any other festivals in our country, marriages are also seen equivalent to that.  Family members plan for the big-day and aspire to make it a grand wedding for their children. But these all depends on one factor that is; getting the right partner for their progeny!

Indian parents are very much concerned about the lifestyle and happiness of their children. This is the main reason why they take extra care for choosing life partners for their loved ones.  

Our society has modernised and people readily accept love marriages. But even then the arrange marriages didn’t lose its importance because finding the right partner is not an easy task! Getting an ideal match is a matter of finding the best medium to look for a match.Matrimonial ads on Newspaper

Everyone is busy nowadays so with the technological advancement people fully depend on the internet for quick solutions to all their requirements. But research shows a different version of it, when it comes to finding a life partner from the online matrimony sites, people tend to behave sceptically.   Even today people trust their most primary source of information, i.e. their very own newspaper which they read daily. So they stick to the age-old practice for finding suitable bride and groom from the newspaper. The matrimonial ads in the newspapers are considered as the most reliable form as people pay for their ads and provide verified documents. The matrimonial classifieds are quite popular among the readers so a separate matrimony pull-out is dedicated to helping advertisers to place their matrimony ads in the newspapers.

Advertising in the newspaper has several benefits; you can reach out to the masses as per your preferred profession, religion, and location. The two major factors that newspaper advertising can easily simplify are:

Maximum response – You often hear people complaining that they don’t get desired responses from their advertisements this is because advertising requires proper research on target demographics and the medium through which they want to reach their target group. So choosing specific categories and location can narrow your search making it more relevant and impactful to the readers. Newspaper advertising allows you to reach the entire population of a city and drives you to get exactly the type of match you are looking for.

Matrimonial AdsCost-effective– Newspapers are the most cost effective medium of advertising. You can reach out to the huge mass at pocket -friendly rates. No other advertising medium would give you this opportunity to reach the target market instantly at a lower cost.

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