Know How Newspaper Advertising Helps You to Grow your Business Fast!


Doing business without advertising is like blowing own trumpets in an isolated room without knowing others what you actually do! I am sure you got a little hint from this. So before we jump into this, we need to analyse about the medium and how it is going to help you expand your business.Ads in Recruitment

Newspapers, as we know are the most primary source of information to every household. Reading a newspaper is merely a habit that slowly develops in us with every passing day. So you can gauge its reach and effectiveness among the masses. Along with current news, people look for relevant advertisements in newspapers. For example, one who is unemployed will obviously look for recruitment ads in the classified pages. So according to the personal requirements, people utilise this medium as it provides a solution to everyone’s need.

So as an advertiser you should be concerned about the type of target demographics, cost of the ad or campaign and its response. Research claims people enjoy the attractive ads of jewellery, cars, electronic appliances etc. in the newspapers as the eye-catching graphics break the monotony making it more reader friendly. The study even concludes that people tend to remember the ads which are exposed to them regularly. So businesses or startups with a small budget can give advertisement in the newspaper to fulfil their advertising goals. Almost 80% of companies have seen a sharp rise in their sales growth after advertising in newspapers. So, if you notice you can find few big brands like Spencer’s, Reliance, Big bazar, Honda advertise in the national newspapers very frequently to reach out to the mass.

Know are the advantages of newspaper advertising!

  • Wide reach– you can easily measure the reach of your preferred newspaper from its circulation and readership numbers. With releaseMyAd, you can book advertisements in any national and regional newspapers of India.  Ads on Newspaper
  • Maximum response– your ad will cater to a large group of target audience thus enabling in getting more positive responses.
  • Cost-effective– advertising in newspapers is the most cost effective mode of advertising. It helps you to reach millions at a nominal cost.
  • Specific target audience– each newspaper serves to a definite segment. For ex; professionals or businessmen mostly reads economic times than other English dailies.  
  • High retention of Brandadvertising in newspapers helps to increase the retention power of your advertisement  in the minds of the reader. Advertisers get the opportunity to target the readers repeatedly.

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