Why advertising in Mumbai Choufer lends an Edge over other Marathi Dailies?


Mumbai is a very well established city with the headquarters of many renowned publications of the country including the ones like the Times Group. Yet there are several other dailies that provide tough competition to this group of publications. It is due to the abundance of newspaper publications that there is very tight competition between the publications.

Although Mumbai has many Marathi and English dailies circulated across different parts of the metropolis, there is one newspaper which has only one edition which is the Mumbai edition and is published only in Marathi, namely Mumbai Choufer. It published its news content in Marathi and enables advertisers to publish their advertisements primarily in Marathi itself. Advertisers may be wondering that why should they choose a local newspaper for promotional purposes rather than a popular one, the reasons of which are mentioned below:

Newspaper Ads in Mumbai Choufer

Why advertise in Mumbai Choufer?

There are various reasons to choose a certain newspaper for advertising over and Mumbai Choufer, offers several such reasons to advertise in it.

  • It is rare known fact, especially for those who live outside Mumbai or are new to the city, that Mumbai Choufer is quite popular among its readers, making it an influential advertisement platform
  • This newspaper is published only in Marathi which makes it easy for advertisers to easily convey their message and convince their target audience to be loyal to their brand since ads published in the regional language, add a touch of personal connection between the advertiser and the reader
  • Since it is a single edition regional newspaper, it offers really low advertising rates with quite attractive combo deals for multiple ad releases
  • It is read and enjoyed by readers of different age-groups and are a favourite of senior citizens and house makers

Advertising in Mumbai Choufer

Apart from these reasons there are certain things one must know about advertising in Mumbai Choufer such as the ad formats, rates, easiest process of advertising etc. There are primarily 2 types of ads published in this newspaper-Classified and Display, of which the Classified ads can be separated into 2 different formats as mentioned below:

Classified Text-These ads are charged as per the number of lines/characters/words used in the ad matter and are published only in the classified pages.

Classified Display- These ads are also found in the classified pages but are priced based on the size of the advertisement measured in per sq. cm. unit.

These ad formats are primarily popular for Matrimonial, Recruitment, Change of Name, Lost & Found, To-rent and even individual property ads. Along with these ad types there is the third one and most expensive format of ads as well-

Display ads in Mumbai Choufer This ad format enables advertisers to publish their ads in any page of the newspaper and are priced based on the ad size, position and placement. The placement of the ad refers to the page on which it is placed while the position refers to the section/corner of the page where it is printed. In case of these ads, premium charges are applicable for choosing to publish your ad in the Front/Third/Back page.

Some advertisers may find the booking of ads in a newspaper of their choice quite complicated or difficult but it is quite simple now with the advent of the use of the internet in the service industry. With releaseMyAd-India’s popular online ad booking portal for all Indian newspapers, newspaper advertising has been simplified to just a few clicks. Be it a Classified ad in Mumbai Choufer or a display ad, all you need to do, in order to get your ad published in the preferred newspaper is to follow 3 simple steps as mentioned below:

1- Visit the Mumbai Choufer Ad booking page, choose the ad type, select the ad category or newspaper section, specify location or ad size and page (in case of display ads)

2- Compose/Create/Design/Upload your text/classified display/display ad as per your preference]

3- Confirm the release dates and clear the payment through the online or offline payment modes

Once the payment is received on our end, you are to receive an invoice with all the booking and payment details. After which your ad will be sent for editorial approval, following which your ad will be ready for release. If you have any further queries about the booking process, you can take the help of our Online Ad booking tutorial. For other questions related to your newspaper ad in Mumbai Choufer, you can email us at book@releasemyad.com or simply visit the Question and Answer forum of Mumbai Choufer.