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Radio Choklate , which operates on the frequency of 104 FM, is one of the most popular radio networks in Odisha. Launched in April 2007, Radio Choklate was the first private radio station to operate solely in Odisha. The nature of shows on this network is largely entertainment-based, but they are known to occasionally host infomercials too. Radio Choklate also hosts a number of engaging interactive shows.

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In just a few years, Radio Choklate has grown into prominence as a popular radio network. As a result, it wasn’t long before the potential of Radio Choklate as an advertising platform was realized. Here are a few reasons why Radio Choklate is a great advertising platform:

  • Being the first private radio network of Odisha, the listeners have a special sort of attachment to Radio Choklate.
  • Radio Choklate provides listeners with traffic, news and weather updates at regular intervals.
  • They play the top regional, Hindi, and English songs, which attracts music lovers.
  • The cost of advertising on Radio Choklate 104 FM is very affordable, as the base rates are low.

Radio Choklate is available in the following locations:

Bhubaneswar Cuttack Rourkela

Booking your ads on Radio Choklate 104 FM is simple, thanks to releaseMyAd’s online booking provision. With a few simple clicks, you can effectively book your ad campaign on Radio Choklate. The booking procedure can be encapsulated as such:

  • Choose Location
  • Specify the parameters of Ad Duration, Ad Frequency and Campaign Duration. You can also choose what time of day you want your ads to be broadcast.
  • Provide us with your business details to view rates.
  • Select the date when you would like to launch your ad campaign
  • Clear Payment.

Once you have cleared payment, your ad campaign on Radio Choklate 104 FM is good to go live!

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