How Advertising in Daily Hindi Milap Can Make You Stand Out in South India?

Daily Hindi Milap Newspaper Advertising
Front-page-Advertisement- in-Daily-Hindi-Milap
Front page Advertisements in Daily Hindi Milap

It is quite a common belief that in South India, there are barely any Hindi newspapers circulated due to the low population of Hindi speaking people. But the truth is that although there may be a shortage of Hindi publications in the southern section of India, but there is no lack of Hindi speaking people residing there. The purpose of advertising is either to target all kinds of audiences either in their own language or through a Universal language such as English or Hindi.

But there is always an additional advantage of advertising through regional newspapers or even Hindi newspapers for that matter. Let’s find out what can be the advantages of advertising in Daily Hindi Milap-the only Hindi daily circulated in South India.

Why Advertise in Daily Hindi Milap?

  • Daily Hindi Milap has a circulation of around 40,000 copies per day which is fairly large in a region comprising of a considerably low Hindi speaking population
  • Advertisers can focus and easily convince their target audiences to entrust their faith in the advertiser by advertising in Hindi and reaching out to a consolidated group of people
  • By advertising in a Hindi newspaper, advertisers can stand out among their competitors and at the same time prove themselves to be considerate and thoughtful towards a minor section
  • This newspaper has a massive appeal among its readers which in turn drives them to trust the advertiser’s brand or service as well
  • In case of public notifications, having a newspaper published in the official language of the country is highly crucial as public notices must reach out to everyone irrespective of their origin or native language

Getting Ads Published in Daily Hindi Milap

Much like all other Indian newspapers, even Daily Hindi Milap, enables advertisers to publish their ads in 3 different formats-

Classified Text-Simple run-on line text words, priced based on number of words/lines/characters and enhancements like background colour, screen borders, ticks etc. if any added

Classified Display-Published along with text ads in the classified section itself, this ad type is priced as per the size of the advert, measured in per sq. cm unit with the provision of using images and logos

Display- Published on any preferred page such as front/back/third/any page of the newspaper, this is the most extravagant form of newspaper advertising and can be measured and priced on the basis of the ad size and as per the preferred page specified

Among Daily Hindi Milap classified ads the most common categories of ads include matrimonial, to-rent, personal, change of name, lost and found and even Obituary ads. In case of Daily Hindi Milap display ads the most common categories of ads include recruitment, business, retail, Obituary, lifestyle and many more.

To advertise in the preferred category of the newspaper, it is not always necessary to visit the publication house or pay huge sums of money to the offline ad booking agents. Neither is it always essential to hire outside ad agencies to get your ad published in the newspaper of your choice.

Obituary Ads in Daily Hindi Milap

With the help of releaseMyAd, advertisers can now publish their adverts instantly online in any newspaper by following 3 simple steps. To book your newspaper ad in Daily Hindi Milap, you need only to follow the steps mentioned below:

1-Pay a visit to the Daily Hindi Milap ad booking page, choose the ad type from Classified Text, Classified Display or Display, select the category (classifieds) or newspaper page or supplement (display) and specify the edition or package

2-Create/Upload/Design your Daily Hindi Milap newspaper ad and preview it with the Live Ad Preview Feature

3-Confirm the ad release dates and proceed to clear the payment for the ad

You can make the payment through our online or offline payment modes as per your convenience and then receive an invoice in your email id with all the ad booking details as soon as your payment is cleared. You can also email us your ad booking queries at or call us at 09830629298. To help you proceed with the release of your ads on your own, through our website, we also have an Online Ad Booking Tutorial and a Frequently Asked Questions section as well. So simply Google releaseMyAd, look for your preferred newspaper and follow the steps above for a smooth and hassle-free ad booking from the comfort of your home/office at the lowest prices.