Why you should book classified ads in The Indian Express

The Indian Express Ad Booking

Owned by the Express group, The Indian Express is a popular newspaper that is published from Mumbai. Using English as its medium, The Indian Express is a paper that is segregated by sections like “Nation”, “Cities”, “Entertainment”, “Lifestyle”, “Technology”, “Editorials” and so on. Cities that enjoy the circulation of The Indian Express are:

The segregated sections of the newspaper help the advertisers to identify where they could post their ads in order to elicit the maximum response.

Moreover, the vast reach of The Indian Express is also very advantageous as it has the power to captivate a large audience that is scattered around many parts of the country. The Indian Express has another counterpart that is very popular in the southern part of India. It is called The New Indian Express.

Why should you advertise via releaseMyAd.com?

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    The Indian Express Classified Ad Booking



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