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Issued from the state of Karnataka, Deccan Herald has a stronghold over the south Indian newspaper reading community. Launched after one year of Indian independence in 1948, Deccan Herald has ever since been printed by Printers Private Limited. Deccan Herald has two other sister publications called ‘Prajavani’ and a month magazine known as ‘Sudha’.

Deccan Herald Ad Booking

Prajavani is the oldest newspaper in the Kannada language and is known for its liberal and unbiased political stand. Sudha on the other hand is an extremely creative and clever magazine that mostly features political cartoons. When the sister publications enjoy so much of popularity, Deccan Herald being the main newspaper is obviously more renowned and a hot favourite among its readers. Unlike ‘Prajavani’ and ‘Sudha’, Deccan Herald is published in English.

How you can book your ad through releaseMyAd in Deccan Herald:

  • Go to and select the newspaper of your choice (Deccan Herald in this case).
  • Next you need to select the type of ad that you want to book. There are basically two types of ads- Deccan Herald classified ads and display ads. Classified ads can be further split up in to Classified text ads and Classified display ads.
  • However, before you choose the type of ad you want to post, you should have a look at the
    Deccan Herald Classified Ad Booking

     Deccan Herald advertising rate card. This will give you a better idea of the expenses of the different types of ads.

  • After this, you will need to select a category under the type of ad you have chosen. The categories that are covered under classifieds ads are Matrimonial, Obituary, Business, Education, Property, Recruitment etc.
  • Next, you have to arrange the content of your ad and choose the days on which you want it to run
  • Lastly, you select your payment mode and the day on which you want your ad to be published.

This entire procedure is very simple and you will have no trouble in booking your Deccan Herald classified ad online if you follow the instructions carefully. You can drop in a mail at for any other queries you might have.