Bartaman- The New Face of Newspaper Advertising in Kolkata

Bartaman Classified Ad Booking

If one has to point out the most read regional newspaper of Kolkata, Anandabazar Patrika definitely steals the show. Dating back to the 1920s Anandabazar Patrika naturally dominates the market by virtue of being in it for such a long time. No wonder it is the most prefered newspaper in the Bengali language in West Bengal. However, time changes and when it does, fortunes alter as well. After dominating the newspaper market for years, Anandabazar Patrika found itself a potential competitor in Bartaman. Launched by Barun Sengupta, who used work for Anandabazar before, Bartaman worked its way to become the second most prefered Bengali newspaper in Kolkata. In its short stay, Bartaman has already claimed 40 percent of Anandabazar Patrika’s readership.

How to post a Bartaman advertisement?

Posting an ad in Bartaman has now been simplified by To book classified ads in Bartaman online, one has to follow three simple steps:

  1. Click on the Bartaman tab on releaseMyAd’s website. You will be immediately redirected to the page of the newspaper chosen. Now according to your preference, choose the type of Bartaman classified ad and determine its size and content.
  2. You will find sample ads for Bartaman from which you can take your pick. releaseMyAd even gives you the option of creating your own ad and tailor it according to your choice. The second step is where you choose the days on which you want your ad to run.
  3. In the third step, you simply have to select a date on which your ad will be released. After having done that, you will have to select a payment option. releaseMyAd offers its clients the options of both online and offline payments. Choose any one, according to your preference and wait for your ad to release. Make sure that you are booking the ad three days prior to the day you want it to be released on.

In case you are wondering how expensive it will be to book a classified ad in Bartaman, you can clear all your doubts by checking the Bartaman Classifieds rate card.Charges for classified text ads will be different from that of Classified display ads. This is mainly because classified display ads are charged according to its size, colour, images or logos used. Classified text ads on the other hand are charged only according to the amount of content it contains. Classified ads in Bartaman can be booked under the following categories:

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