pricing-factors-for-newspaper-adsNewspaper ads are a good way to reach a large number of people and it can be targeted to the desired audience. Like all forms of advertising, cost of print ads in newspaper depends on lot of things. Few of the points based on which newspaper ads are priced are:

The Newspaper Publication:   Ads are priced the highest in the newspapers which command the largest circulation in a particular area. A newspaper may be the highest circulated daily newspaper in India and cost of publishing an ad in it may be high in the national capital or other metropolitan cities but local daily newspaper prices are higher when it comes to publishing an ad in a district of a state. Regional language newspaper’s ad prices are the highest as they reach the nook and corner of the city or district and a focused target the audience.

Type of Ad:   There are basically three types of ads. Run on Line, Classified Display and Display ads. Display ads are priced the highest as the advertiser has the liberty to select the page of advertising and size of ads. Compared to Run on Line ads, Classified Display ads are priced higher as they are more prominent in the classified section of the newspaper due to their highlighted display appearance. Run on Line ads are the cheapest as their visibility is lesser compared to the other ad types. However, Run on Line ads can be made more prominent by choosing special enhancements like Screen Borders, Tick, Bold or Color highlight options. These special enhancements are duly charged and added to the basic ad cost.

Size of Ads:  While Run on Line ads are priced according to number of characters, words or lines, Classified Display ads are priced according to square centimeters. Usually the column width of a newspaper is 3cm and the minimum height size of a Classified Display ad in most newspapers is 5cm.

Hence if the price of a Classified Display ad in a particular newspaper is Rs.150/, therefore, the ad cost will be 3cm (width) X 5cm (height) X 150 (price) = Rs. 2250.

In a Display ad, the width can be determined as per the desire of the advertiser as it is not bound by the column width of the newspaper. However, there is a minimum size to which the advertiser has to adhere, which is usually 4cm X 4cm for most newspaper. The square centimeter rate of Display ads are more compared to Classified Display ads as they are premium ads which are printed in the main newspaper section unlike Classified Display ads which are printed in the classified pages only.   Price of Classified Display and Display ads also depend upon the fact that whether the ad is a Colored ad or a Black & White ad.

Focus Day Ads:  In a week there are certain focus days on which particular ads are published. Property ads are published, for example, on Saturdays in most newspapers. There are special supplementary pullouts on Saturdays in certain newspapers for Property and Real Estate ads. The price of publishing an ad in these pullouts on focus days are generally higher compared to non focus days since advertising on focus days means reaching out to only relevant target audience primarily.for-instant-online-ad-booking-in-newspapers

Selection of Newspaper Ad Packages:   As compared to selecting a single edition, it is economical to select an ad package offered by the newspaper publications for a certain ad category. Ad packages are designed by the publication in such a manner that the advertiser can reach his/her target audience efficiently in multiple cities and towns.

For example, a Southern Daily charges Rs. 876/ 10 words for Matrimony ad in Kochi Edition but when the “All India Package (14 Editions)” of the same publication is selected, the cost is about Rs. 2178/ 10 words which is very much economical. The same is applicable for various newspapers all over India.

Ad Category:   Ad category is also an important factor in newspaper ad pricing. Usually ads dealing with business purposes are priced more than personal ads. Announcement ads related to Name Change, Marriage Notices or Lost and Found are much less pricey compared to ads related to Business, Real Estate, Services, Education etc. Marriage Bureau ads in most newspapers are priced more than Matrimonial ads as the later is for personal purpose.

To sum up we can come to the conclusion that Newspaper ads are priced according to the reach and circulation of the newspaper and the space an advertiser wants to buy. The pricing also depends upon visibility of the ad and the day of publishing the same.  An advertiser can chalk out his/ her ad campaign depending upon his/ her budget and target audience.

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