The harsh realities of Traditional Advertising : Anywhere Media the saviour


How many times have you seen your ad getting lost between a milieu of many similar advertisements?

Ever felt budget is a constraint in advertising your product?

Failed to generate the expected user response through your newspaper campaign?

If even one of the above rings true for you, then welcome to the field of advertising where the advertising intent is as important as the medium one selects to advertise in. How often does it happen that after getting the product ready we straightaway decide to advertise in print media, without even considering a plethora of options available for us to explore. The world of advertising is going through a metamorphosis and in the recent years newer and innovative ad formats have invaded the market. Consumer demand has led marketers to add an eclectic range of advertising choices to their marketing mix. Traditional media over the years has remained yes, as the word itself implies “traditional”, where there is limited or zero scope of innovation. On the other hand, Anywhere Media comes with the option of “Advertising. Anywhere”.images (1)

Hasn’t it become our common psychology to leaf through ads when reading a newspaper, without batting our eyelids, change channels as soon as TVC’s start playing? The point here is we have learned to ignore these advertisements and have grown immune to the message they are otherwise trying so hard to express. One has to hit it several times to make commercial messages memorable. Advertisers spending lacs and crores of rupees on these advertisements are generally ignorant of the power that Anywhere Media possesses. These advertisements come at exorbitant rates, something which new or smaller businesses cannot afford. But Anywhere Media advertisements come at a much lower rate and do not burn a deep hole in the pockets of advertisers and delivers high result. For a new product that is recently launched in the market it is imperative to stand out among the competitors by being “different”. Advertising in the same old fashion as everyone in newspapers, radio channels will not garner the desired result or will take a long time to get the audience response. Anywhere Media can provide the much required mileage to your brand by being unique and effective.

Think of a scenario where you have launched your product that caters to urban audience of 18-35 age group who are financially well-off. Now, Newspaper, Television or Radio generally caters to a wide audience and the chances of your ad not hitting the potential consumer is high. So in order to catch the attention of millennials, you can advertise your product in places they frequent say malls, restaurants or cinemas. mall-advertising-banner

Placing unique ads in unusual places grabs considerable eyeballs than compared to an ad placed among thousands of similar others in a newspaper. When advertising in Anywhere Media, power lies with the advertiser and one enjoys the autonomy to select the media depending upon the demographics one wishes to target.

In order to stand out among an array of advertisements, advertisers have to be creative and innovative, do something that sets them apart from their competitors. The scope of innovation is generally less in traditional media forms as it is doctrined by a set of rules. As such it becomes challenging for brands to come up with their best. Innovate and surprise your audience, is what Anywhere Media runs through. Finding a clever advertisement in a bill or napkin provided by a takeaway joint will make the consumer sit up and notice, and also make it memorable for them which will lead to a purchase later. These quick witted, refreshing ads will be a welcome change from the otherwise humdrum ads of other mediums.

Creative-Ambient-Ads-colgate-icecreamTraditional media has existed since immemorial in the world of advertising but Anywhere Media is set to change the dynamics of the game by introducing the advertisers and consumers alike to a set of new advertising spaces that is interesting and equally effective. All brands look at spending less on campaigns but generating sales, and Anywhere Media promises just that ; less budget but high ROI. If you are looking to advertise your brand, then give a thought to this new age marketing style that guarantees excellent result for your brand. Happy Advertising!