How Long Should your Radio Advertisement be?


Radio being a direct response medium has experienced a significant rise in demand of advertisers .Most of the advertisers believe that a long message has better impact on the listeners than a short one.Advertisers need to know which commercial length is most effective to convey their message to the target audience? It is a very crucial decision as it paves the way to achieve the advertisers message goal. The major blunder that advertisers make is that they allowing an ad budget to dictate the length of the ad.Ad length should always be determined based on one’s objective. One should never try to get away by choosing any random commercial length.

Your radio commercials should be exactly of the same length as it takes to say what needs to be said to the listeners.Incase if you have a limited budget,the best practice would be to reduce frequency instead of reducing the Ad duration, or buy a reasonable radio time or advertise on a smaller station.

Some important criterion to keep in mind when determining what length spot you need to create is given below:

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60-sec-radio-Ads[dropcap style=’square’]A[/dropcap]45 to 60 Seconds Ad

  • For complex messages to avoid any queries

  • Detailed Messages having strong persuasion and directing listeners to requisite call to action.

  • For new product or products entering new markets or for repositioning a product – Your Ad should create realization of need for the product in the listeners before selling your product as the solution

  • For highly entertaining ads geared to attract customer’s brand equity – effective for businesses in a highly competitive market

[dropcap style=’square’]B[/dropcap]20 to 30 Seconds Ad

  • To make an easy comprehensible offer for a product or service that is clearly understood

  • To make a strong call to action point in an ad

  • Powerful Message delivery with use of instinctive verbs and no dramatic effects

[dropcap style=’square’]C[/dropcap]15 Seconds Ad

  • To convey an incredibly powerful, simple message
  • To reinforce brand awareness to make customers aware of your market presence when your are the sole advertiser in your business category

  • Business Platforms with less competition resort to this measure

[dropcap style=’square’]D[/dropcap]10 Second or less

  • Used for generating frequent top-of-mind awareness when selling a commodity in a crowded competitive market

  • Add additional frequency to your schedule for Ad to be effective

  • Hard Selling products are exhibited in maximum speed read with most important details [/box]Radio-Ad-Duration

It always advisable to reduce the number of people you’re reaching or the number of times you are being heard instead of cutting the length of your ad. Always air messages exactly as long as it needs to be, you should not ignore required details neither should you stuff in excessive information in a message.Your listeners switch on to radio to experience entertainment so keep relevancy of your message intact. You need to gauge as to how much is enough for your Ad to efficiently target your audience? Sometimes a short answer is enough to get the message across.

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