6 Facts about Newspaper Advertising You Probably Didn’t Know


If you have been a regular advertiser or someone who has never considered newspaper advertising there are some facts about Newspaper Advertising that you might not know and knowing them would definitely make you consider Newspaper Advertising as your major form of advertising. 

Advertising Options

Newspaper advertising is the oldest form of advertising and hence it has an authenticity attached to it. This is the most genuine and widely recognised form of advertising, the first newspaper ad being put up in 1905. You simply cannot compare the legacy with all the new sources of Advertising.

However expensive it might seem booking an advertisement is cheapest compared to any other forms of advertising be it radio, television, cinema and others. Charges vary from Newspaper to Newspaper and within the Newspaper charges vary for different cities and types and category of ad. You have so many options to select from. With the knowledge of just the circulation of newspapers you can select the best option you want to go with. You do not have to burden yourself with datas.

There are actually so many categories to select from.Various Categories  for booking are Matrimonial, Recruitment, Property, Services, business, Personal, Vehicle, Announcement, Tenders, Travels, Wedding Arrangement, Public Notice, Court Notice, Share Certificate, Change of Name, Lost and Found, Remembrance, Astrology, Obituary, Retailers, Computers and others.

Simplest booking process from among all types of advertisement. You can book the advertisement sitting on your couch. Surprisingly the process has been simplified by online agencies. Everything is taken care of on behalf of you. Experts are available, call 9830629298 to directly discuss your queries.

In small towns newspaper advertising is even more beneficial since people love their local newspaper and hence it is definitely the option which will connect you with customers directly.

With digitalization, Newspaper Advertising is evolving and hence your ad is available in the epaper of the newspaper as well. You get your ad in the hard Newspaper as well as e-papers. Now isn’t it something you can look forward to?

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