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Owned by Bennett, Coleman and Company Limited and established in 1838, The Times of India is the premium pet paper of the Times Group. Its massive readership of more than 7.6 million and circulation of above 10.4 lakhs, the TOI is the one of the most trusted newspaper brands in India. With its immense popularity and and glorious name, it is listed in the top newspapers of the world.

The Times of India has spread its wings in the following cities of India:

The TOI provides regional, national and international news about every field – sports, crime, politics, entertainment, health and fitness, current affairs, etc. Given that it is one of the most respect dailies of India, it is a great arena to target a large audience. Reaching out to any demographic or geographic region becomes simplified and efficient with the TOI. Catering to such a large audience, visibility of newspaper ads is high. Times of India offers the following types of advertisements:

  1. Classified text ads: These are the simplest form of ads, and also the cheapest out of all categories. These are placed in the classified section, and are charged according to the number of lines, words or characters in the content. The ad can be made more attractive by using highlights, borders, ticks, underlines, etc. Even after being the simplest form, it is the most affordable for small sector organisations or people advertising with low budgets. With TOI’s wide reach, these ads are always in demand and the classified page is always full. Some examples of classified text ads are Personal, Astrology, Vehicles, etc.
  2. Classified display ads: Even after being on the classifieds page, these are slightly pricier. This is because these ads allow people to add logos and images to their campaign, to make it seem a little more attractive than simple text ads. Readers find these more appealing and pay more attention to these ads. Popular display ads include Matrimonials, Real Estate, Lost and Found, etc.
  3. Display Ads: Though these are the priciest campaigns, they are still used very frequently by high profile companies and well-off individuals. These can be coloured or black and white, including text and images. The charges of this type of ad depends on the size and placing of the ad. Most read pages like first, third and last age come with premier charges. These can be for Obituary, Business, Education Centres etc.

The TOI is undeniably the most reliable place to publish your campaign. releaseMyAd, an online advertising portal, helps to make your dreams of publishing classified ads in the TOI come true. They can design the template free of cost, if the client isn’t able to come up with it on their own. Not only do they offer the Times of India best rate Card, they also suggest the perfect campaign strategy depending on the product or service.

To book your ad instantly, undertake the following steps:

  1. Go to the Times of India page and choose your ad type – classified or display.
  2. Choose the category you want to publish under – Rent, Real Estate, etc.
  3. Choose the edition and the best package for your ad.
  4. Compose ad content and design the creative for your ad.
  5. Select the final dates and frequency.
  6. Make payment through online or offline methods.

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