Top reasons why you should promote your brand through digital advertisement on the MX Player app


Ever since Smartphones took over the world by storm and data plans became dirt cheap, advertising on the digital platform gained huge popularity in our country. As more and more people these days tend to spend more time glued to their smartphones rather than watching television or reading newspapers and brochures, brands and businesses have naturally shifted their ad campaign plans to a more digital approach.

Advertise in MX Player

Speaking of digital platforms, apps have become an important advertising platform. Smartphones are all about the apps we use on them and so many popular apps allow businesses and brands to advertise on them to promote and increase their customer spectrum. MX player is one of the hottest video streaming apps in town especially among the youth of India. Going with the “make in India” concept MX Player has emerged as a popular video streaming and video on demand platform with content catered to the Indian audience.

Operating on an ad-supported model MX player can be highly beneficial for your next digital ad campaign. With over 500 million downloads and getting an editor’s choice app tag on play store, MX Player has made a name for itself. Being free to use app, it’s available on iOS and Android allowing your ad to get maximum exposure to all kinds of users.

Now booking a digital ad for the first time can be overwhelming and for that releaseMyAd is here to save the day! From planning the ad campaign to launching the ad, you can do it all with releaseMyAd at the touch of a button. When planning an ad campaign for MX Player you have to consider the age bracket, gender, date & time, location, the language of the content. MX Player is mostly used by (18-35) year olds for 25 minutes regularly on an average by 280 million users every day. Marketers can position their advertisements based on these demographics and releaseMyAd is there to help in proper positioning of your ad.

For advertising in MX Player app you have to click on the link and follow the below steps of booking:

  • Select the MX Player App – Select the MX Player app from the list of apps on the releaseMyAd platform.
  • Set Campaign – Submit the enquiry by filling up your contact details so that we can reach you and help you to set up the campaign and provide all the details as per your requirement.
  • Go Live – Provide us with your ad creatives for MX Player according to specifications on our platform, make your payment and your ad campaign will go live!

With releaseMyAd, to promote your business or brand, you can easily book a midroll that is a short video ad running between a content stream. You can also keep track as to how your ad campaign is performing with our real-time data reports. You can also make changes to your campaign as you feel necessary to improve performance based on our daily reports and live updates.For more details on advertising in MX Player drop an email to