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Headquartered in Mumbai, Moneycontrol was started by Victor Fernandes and Sangeeta Fernandes in 1999. It is a mobile application which is a one stop solution for anything related to the stock market. In 2000, Moneycontrol was acquired by E-EIGHTEEN Dot Com (P) Ltd., which is a subsidiary of TV18.  

Advertise in Moneyontrol App

For successfully trading in the market, news and information related to stock prices is necessary to make correct decisions and Moneycontrol comes handy here. Moneycontrol app provides the latest share quotes to its users. It lets users check 52 weeks high and low, EPS, volume, etc. By creating an account on Moneycontrol app, users can create a watch list and add stocks to his/ her portfolio. Apart from that commodity rates, currency rates along with top news can also be checked from the app. Features of Moneycontrol application allows users to view global and Indian indices, earnings of companies, FII, DII and mutual fund activities. The app also has a live TV option of CNBC channel through which users can monitor the stock market. Any individual can visit the Moneycontrol app to manage personal finances like insurance, tax, loan, etc. Moneycontrol is one of the most important tools for every investor and trader for monitoring the Indian Stock Market.

The popularity of Moneycontrol can be verified from the fact that there are over 10 million downloads of this app and has a rating of 3.9 in Google play store. Being a one tap solution to everything related to the stock market, it is available in three languages namely English, Hindi and Gujarati. It provides recommendation to the users and the users can engage in conversations related to their interests and portfolio.

With such popularity, the Moneycontrol app platform is one of the hot spots for advertising to increase sales of products and services. Advertisements on Moneycontrol app reaches massive audience. In Moneycontrol app, prominence is given to the advertiser’s products and services in terms of location, space, targeting and branding. There is no advertisement clutter on the app page and advertisers can target the audience based on age, gender and interest.

Various advertisement formats are available to advertise on Moneycontrol . An advertiser can run any of the following advertisements depending on their requirement or budget to achieve their marketing goal:

  • Content Ads- Integration of branded content into the news feed with the option to add video or image.
  •  Logo Integration- Brand’s logo integrated on the image of the feed.
  •  Native Card- A bar at the bottom of the ad which redirects users to more information about the brand.
  •  Interstitial banner- Full-screen media display.
  • Oreo banner- Ad appears without interrupting the news.
Ads on Moneycontrol business app

On average users spend almost 12 minutes on the Moneycontrol app and it has a monthly active user of 380 million. 87% men and 13% women between the age group of 25-60 years use the Moneycontrol app. Keeping these impressive figures in mind an advertiser can plan their campaign and reap fantastic benefits from an advertisement on Moneycontrol.

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By following the simple steps below advertisers can begin the procedure of running an ad on Moneycontrol app.

  • Click on the link
  • Scroll through and check the ad types you want to select for your campaign.
  • Submit the enquiry by filling up your contact details so that we can reach you and help you to set up the campaign and provide all the details as per your requirement.

After the campaign is live, releaseMyAd provides real-time data and live updates which can help the advertiser to keep a track on the ad campaign and its performance. releaseMyAd provides daily advertisement performance reports to the advertiser. It also allows the option to make changes to the campaign if it is necessary to improve performance based on daily updates.

For further details about digital advertising on the platform of Moneycontrol email your questions, queries and other details to