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ABP Live app is one of the foremost news apps in India. Owned by the ABP group, it features real time live news from few of the famous news channels on Indian television like ABP News, ABP Ananda (Bengali), ABP Asmita (Gujarati), ABP Majha (Marathi), ABP Sanjha (Punjabi) and ABP Ganga (Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand).

Advertising in ABP Live App

ABP Live app keeps the users ahead and informed with latest news from the fields of national and global breaking news, sports, politics, business, movies, glamour and everything else. Through this app the users can read articles in English, Hindi, Bengali, Marathi and Punjabi and also watch the favourite shows from ABP News, ABP Ananda, etc. Founded in 1998, this TV channel was formerly owned by Star News and was later acquired by ABP group in 2012. 

With a 3.4 star review on Google play store and over 10 million downloads, ABP Live app is one of the best ranked news apps in India. In this app the user can like, comment and share opinions on various topics. For the convenience of the users, ABP Live app allows its users to receive alerts only when required. Also, ABP Live app has the option of turning off video streaming and listening to the news in audio mode. Being a convenient interface and having user friendly features, makes ABP Live app a smart and preferred way to keep oneself updated. 58% male and 42% females are active users of ABP Live app. On average, time spent is 10 minutes per day on the application and it is used by people of age bracket of 15-60 years of age.

Having all these features and being high on popularity, ABP Live app is one of the best platforms to advertise and promote one’s business. With this app, advertisers can reach the relevant audience and increase traffic. Equipped with advanced promotional techniques, ads in ABP Live app has high user engagement and increased audience reach. App Live offer high impact ad formats like:

Ad in ABP LIve App
  • Standard Banner Ads- The standard banner is displayed across different pages of the website.
  • In Banner Video- The In Banner Video is displayed on the Right hand side of the website page.
  • Interstitial banner- Full-screen media display.
  • Pre roll Video Ads- Pre roll Video Ads are online video commercials that appear prior to an online video on a site and are typically 10 – 15 seconds in length.

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With a few simple steps one can start the procedure of advertising on ABP Live app through releaseMyAd.

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The deadline for running an advertisement in ABP Live app is 48 hours prior to launch date and the charges are the most transparent in the industry. The advertiser can also find out if the ad campaign is doing well or not with daily real-time data and live reports provided by releaseMyAd. Under the circumstances that the advertiser is not satisfied with the ad’s performance, releaseMyAd also provides the option to modify the same.

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