6 Reasons Why You Should Advertise on Saavn


Advertising through mobile apps is a recent practice but one which has got strong foothold in the past couple of years. Where advertisers in the want of visibility have started relying heavily on in-app advertisements, one might wonder what the hype is about. With more and more people enjoying smartphones and India undergoing a paradigm shift from websites to applications, the Mobile Advertising Industry is achieving phenomenal success. Along with this, the Ear bud Generation gives the boost required to Audio App Ads.

Advertise on JioSaavn App

Saavn, now branded as Jio Saavn, is one of India’s largest music streaming platforms. Providing quality audio content from more than 900 record labels with an exhaustive collection of over 50 million songs, it spans a variety of genres including Bollywood, English, independent artists, regional music. Saavn also offers original content and podcast. Having 19 Million MAUs in India and 22 Million globally, it is a leading platform for unlimited online music. With 3 Billion streams per quarter and average session lasting 44 minutes, it’s no wonder that Saavn hosts over 300 advertisers. Saavn uses intensive data analytics to curate playlists for its users and helps brands reach their target sub-audience. It maps user preferences based on time, day and top genres. Some of its differentiators like strong UI and UX, high technology streaming, artist alignment, global partners and user base help it stay on the top of its game. Exclusive features like FM radio, channels based on themes and genres, top charts and social connect keep the users hooked. Saavn has established its reach across India, having their highest share in the Northern region followed by Western India. Complimentary audio by them increases unaided brand recall by 34% when combined with television. High user satisfaction and strong ad relevance are why it has the highest score in positive brand imaging. The MMA Smarties 2017 gold award it won for Best Mobile Audio Campaign and Best Cross Media Campaign, need no further justification.

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