Now You Can Book Ads in a Wynk


Music streaming has become a part of our daily routine, hardly a day passes when we don’t tune in to our favourite tracks. And advertisers are moving with times to get maximum visibility. As the demographic moved from websites to applications, so did they. With music streaming apps attracting hordes of users, the mobile app advertising industry is experiencing a boom like never before. It has changed the landscape of advertising where traditional media is now viewed as a helping aid by many. Matching with the fast-paced lifestyle people lead, the audio app advertising is a good investment.

Ads on Wynk App

Wynk is one of India’s leading music streaming service which caters to 4 Million users daily and 21 Million users monthly. Its 100 Million app installations result in 1.5 billion monthly streams and an impressive average of 41 minutes spent by a user on the app. Wynk Music, the largest and fastest-growing music streaming app, with the highest number of MAUs in June 2018, left its competitors far behind. The maximum share of Wynk’s users owns Samsung and Mi smartphones, contributing to 39% of the total users. While Wynk streams music in various Indian Vernacular and English languages, Hindi is the most streamed at a whopping 45%. The added advantage an advertiser gets on Wynk is the verified demographic, user device, purchase and browsing data of its users. This helps you reach out to your target audience with ready-made segments. You can achieve different objectives through Wynk’s campaigns depending on whether you want to launch, create awareness, increase association or branding. 

Along with being the first platform in India to provide mobile app advertising, releaseMyAd is also the largest advertising platform in the country. With most popular news, audio and video apps to choose from, any small business or large company can advertise easily here. The campaigns start at just INR 10,000 and flexible plans help advertisers to choose one that suits their goals. In the beginning itself, targeting the right segment of potential customers is important and releaseMyAd helps make this right start. 

Want to experience all this? Go to and follow these steps:

  1. Select the Wynk App
  2. Set the Campaign budget, timing and dates

Within 24 hours, a team member would contact you to make your Wynk ad campaign go live. To connect with your target audience, book your ad today!