Advertise On SonyLIV App With 55 Million Monthly Users

Humans have always been known as a species who wants to have power and control over everything they use. This is one of the main driving forces for the growth of our technology in different parts of the world. In a technically advanced zone, today a major chunk of the population is shifting their attention from legacy broadcasting to internet streaming services which give them control to curate their own slate of programs to be watched at any time. In order to be a part of this technical word on 2013, Sony Pictures Network (SPN) entered into the On-Demand video service platform as SonyLIV that broadcasted the content directly to the consumers. SonyLIV broadcasts all the shows from Sony Pictures Networks India Pvt Ltd.

SonyLIV provides its users with an array of cumulative choices ranging from Bollywood and Hollywood movies like Queen, PK, Spiderman Homecoming; TV shows like The Kapil Sharma Show, Super Dancer; live sports; American, Indian and Chinese recipes and product reviews.  Including this SonyLIV has tied up with a vast range of other Live channels Sony Set, Food Food, Animax Sony BBC Earth, Sony Sab and many more. With a total of 70 million downloads and 55 million active monthly users, SonyLIV is being able to generate 550 million views every month. Last year SonyLIV became the official mobile and internet broadcaster for streaming the 2018 FIFA World Cup, making it the preferred destination for all our football fans, grabbing more and more attention of a greater chunk of the population towards the app. On average, every active user spends at least 28 minutes engaged on the app.Advertising on SonyLIV

Segmentation of the potential audience and understanding consumer behaviour always helps the brands and marketers to convey the appropriate message to the right groups. The audience base of SonyLIV can be segmented as Parents, Tech Savvies, Investors, Foodies, Affluent Travelers, Online Shoppers and Lifestyle personals thus giving brands a perfect opportunity improve their marketing communication effectively towards a demographically and geographically segmented audience and improve their brand’s position inside their consumers’ mind. SonLIV is one of those apps which has a diverse expand of content available on its platform and caters to the robust demand of every demographic group.

Between the year 2012-2018 Indian media consumption increased nine times than that of the US and two times than that of China employing millions and millions of people. Indian media industry is said to be the second fastest growing media industry in the world and we all know that digital media is the final stop of every journey in our near future. SonyLIV with an extensive wide base of audience strongly engaged on their platform provides all the brands with an excellent opportunity who wants to spread their campaign among a wide range of people. SonyLIV advertisements can be done in five different varied ways:

  • Sponsorships
  • Roadblocks
  • Video campaigns
  • Native Ads
  • Targeted campaigns

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