Reasons why all digital advertisers are on The Quint App


Founded by Raghav Bahl and Ritu Kapur, The Quint is an English and Hindi language news and opinion website from India. It is comparatively a new app launched in 2015 and gained much popularity among the netizens due to the candid approach of news reporting. The Quint is available in both web and app versions.

Following an idea of a modern form of journalism, The Quint smoothly blends video, audio, and text for the best and easiest experience. Offering a modern take on how news is delivered to the common mass, guiding people through topics ranging from entertainment, business, policy, politics, to sports, food, and everything else taken into account.

Having a gender ratio of 19:6 (Male: Female) and a vast age range of (18-45) years, The Quint app has over 1 million Google Play Store downloads and on average 62 million per page visits every day. The Quint app has an active monthly user of 62 million. It is digital news and content platform for the young of India and it is very well rated in Google Play Store with 3.3 stars. Users spent an average of 3 minutes on The Quint app.

Advertise on The Quint App

The Quint is a lucrative platform for advertisers to promote their brands because of its immense popularity. With, The Quint you can target your ad as per audience with different interests, locations, age as well as gender. It offers advertisers a diverse audience to run ad campaigns for different kinds in the same platform. Being a youth favourite also allows advertisers to create a youth customer base for their products and services easily.

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For advertising on The Quint app just follow the few simple steps as below:

1. Click on the link

 2. Scroll through and check the ad types you want to select for your campaign.

3. Submit the enquiry by filling up your contact details so that releaseMyAd can reach you and help you to set up the campaign and provide all the details as per your requirement.

Keep in mind the deadline of 2 days before the campaign goes live. During this time our executives will reach out to you for input specifications like campaign title, brand logo, Ad URL, and more to complete the campaign launch with perfection.For further enquiries on advertising on The Quint, drop an email to