Advertise On Airtel TV To Reach 20 Million People Monthly


Usually, in our college days and late 20s, we have a habit of making varied kind of friends, needing in different situations. When I was 11 Airtel came up with the song “Har Ek Friend Zaroori Hota Hai”, it was clear that Airtel was trying to reach the audience between 18-35 years by hitting that nostalgia but with a catchy song and a fun video, Airtel not only reached its target audience but also kids like who started perceiving Airtel as “cool” brand. Now Bharti Airtel’s Digital TV division has introduced the new Airtel Pocket TV mobile app that allows the Google Android phone owners to watch digital TV on the move.  Today by amalgamating varied channels like Star, IMDB, Alt Balaji and Hotstar, Airtel TV became an extensive platform providing on-demand video services. Having access to on-demand videos from 13 different channels and live content from 150 channels, Airtel TV’s library of video service has access to over 10,000 hours of quality content. Integrating the concept of TV and Mobile, Airtel TV aims at providing the ultimate comfort to the Indian consumers of watching their favourite shows on their mobile phones with full control. In a modernized arena, everyone wants to have complete control over things used by them and apps like Airtel TV are developed with the provisions of furnishing full control to its users and catering to their robust demands.Ads on Airtel TV

People using Airtel telecom services are given a chance by Bharti Airtel Ltd to download the Airtel TV app and leisure all the facilities provided by the app. Having tie-ups with apps like Alt Balaji, Hotstar and IMDb, Airtel TV has access to the ample number of web series and movies, attracting youths as well as the elder audience towards their platform. This wide range of offering makes Airtel TV one of the most compatible user surfaces who successfully satisfy the demands of people having diversified interests and tastes. Airtel has as many as 250 million downloads with over 20 million monthly active users who on an average spend 123 minutes on the app on a daily basis driving 70% of male and 30% of female traffic on their surface. 83% of the users use the app for live consumption out of which 40% share it to their friends and family giving the app more and more exposure.

In a fast-paced developing world, it is estimated that in near future computers and Artificial Intelligence are going to take over almost every crucial portion of your life. The soaring expansion of digital marketing and cryptocurrency in India is a vibrant example of it. With this, a major chunk of our receptors is also shifting their focus from traditional broadcasting to the digital one which provides them with a wider range of choice and control. This proves that it is highly important that if the brands want to simultaneously reach effectively every segment of the audience they have to focus their attention on digital marketing also. Advertising on Airtel TV app can be done through video ads and banner ads in different innovative ways:

  • Video masthead
  • masthead
  • featured card unit
  • EPG masthead
  • pre-roll video

This not only motivates your brand towards increasing sales but it also helps your brand to increase the goodwill and drive web traffic towards your desired URLs with clickable ads which might also increase your word of mouth marketing. The more you showcase your campaign on Airtel TV with a high number of receptors, the higher effect it will forecast in the long term towards your brand.

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