Now Advertising On Zee5 Is Simpler Than Ever

The Indian web media with a sunrise economy is on the cusp of a strong phase of growth which is backed by the increasing consumer demand. Since 2016 our media industry is highly driven by the increasing digitization and internet usage which in turn is enlarging the Indian web platform. Today several online streaming service platforms have gotten into the fray, hoping to entice the huge potential demographic audience base whose demand could not be fulfilled by the traditional TV broadcasting service. With a hunger to grasp this part of the audience, on February 2018 Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd launched its digital Over The Top platform Zee5 having a library of 1,00,000+  premium quality content in 12 different languages, including Indian and international movies, TV shows, live TV programs, lifestyle shows and many more.

The hybrid of free content and premium service Zee5 quickly grabbed the attention of the viewers with the presence of popular shows like Karenjit Kaur, Kumkum Bhagya and original web series like Rangbazz, Ghost Stories by Ruskin Bond and Poison. Available on website and mobile content the distinguished app provides a coherent experience to its users and tries to satisfy their robust demand. Having 41.3 million active monthly users Zee5 is able to generate over 161 million views a month On an average each user spends approximately 31 minutes daily driving traffic up to 85% on their app. Majority of the Zee5 content is consumed by the youth ranging between 18 to 34 years of the bracket. Now these seamless characteristics of Zee5 over here give all the brands an excellent opportunity to showcase themselves and expand their reach among an intensively engaged audience.

After China, Indian media advertising industry is projected to be the second fastest growing advertising market in Asia. Sources say that last year Indian media market grew by 10.9% and is expected to grow 13.10% this year. During the year 2012-2018 Indian media consumption has grown almost nine times that of US and two times that China, employing millions and millions of people. This robust growth of digital media proves that this platform is going to be the principal surface for all the brands who want effective market communications and create a strong brand position in the market.

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