Advertising on JioSaavn Now Can Be Done In 5 Simple Steps


Founded in 2006, JioSaavn is India’s one of the leading music streaming service app which provides quality audio content to its users from over 900 record labels. On December 2018 Jio Music integrated with Saavn to form a bigger and better music streaming service platform and today JioSaavn has over 21 million monthly users, streaming over 50 million songs in diversified genres ranging from Bollywood, English music to popular regional music.

In a revolutionised ecosystem, today almost more than half of the world’s population is shifting from traditional broadcasting platforms like CDs and Radio to the digitised platforms. People like to have more control and ownership over the devices which they use. Coping up with the digitised world JioSaavn now provides on-demand music service where users can make their own personalised playlist and stream music for free. Today with the continuous provision of technically advanced mobile phones JioSaavn is constantly experiencing an increase in a number of downloads with the numbers reaching over 46 million. Here on an average people spend 44 minutes every day where 90% of the users are below the age of 35.

One of the most important objectives of every brand is to market themselves and stay on top of their customer’s mind which is usually done by spreading strong and evocative messaging that resonates around the audience. With a diversified audience base, Saavn is an ideal platform for brands who are trying to showcase themselves and gives them an appealing opportunity to target their varied audiences. Here our audiences can be segmented:

  • on the basis of language by analysing which language song their target audience listen to;
  • on the basis of region
  • On the basis of gender, for those audiences who have logged into Saavn App using their Facebook account.

With the fast pacing technology Digital World is going to be the ultimate platform for 90%of the world, the western countries have already digitised themselves and India too is trying to rapidly reach this digitised world. Ranging from brand promotion, display marketing to audio snippets, releaseMyAd helps you to reach your desired audiences via Saavn. releaseMyAd being a leading agency has a towering experience in online and mobile advertising and helps you to grasp the wide range of potential audience with its expertise.

If you want to reach this vast set of audience, releaseMyAd, having an aptitude in this field, can easily make your advertising quick and simple by making your ads go live in just a few steps. All you have to do is-

  • Select the option of JioSaavn for JioSaavn Advertising  among all the other apps from the releaseMyAd website
  • Now that you have selected the JioSaavn app for JioSaavn Advertising, you have lay down your budget, dates and times of the advertising campaign
  • Provide us with your creatives for JioSaavn Advertising according to our terms and conditions, make the required payments and your ads will go live without any hurdles.
  • With our optimum features get the real-time data and updates as and when you require it
  • If you’re not satisfied or want to make any changes, we will provide you with all the required arrangements

releaseMyAd simplifies advertising in JioSaavn for you. For further details and queries, we invite you to contact us at