How to Advertise on Gaana in 3 Easy Steps


The Audio App Advertising, although relatively new for advertisers relying on traditional media, has charted phenomenal success in the past couple of years. With the smartphone penetration in India crossing 70%, it is no wonder that the myriad of apps available attracts larger crowds to the platform. Social media now is not only constrained to Facebook and Twitter but every application which lets you share what you are upto. And Audio Apps have come up top with their latest features and updates to keep the audience hooked and asking for more. Advertising on Mobile apps gives your campaign visibility along with the targeted solutions to reach your future customers. 

Ads on Gaana Music App

Gaana is the largest ad-supported music streaming service in India, generating an amount of traffic that is every advertiser’s dream. It gives free and unlimited access to a large selection of highly diverse audio content spanning more than 45 genres. Offering over more than 30 million songs in more than 30 languages, Gaana is the leader among Indian music streaming apps and the go-to platform for listeners. Gaana engages with all age groups but is most popular with users in the bracket of 18 to 24 years, 25 to 34-year-olds coming second. These two age groups combined contribute to more than 73% of its users. Female users make up almost two-thirds of Gaana’s users and more than a fourth of songs are streamed in regional languages, second highest after Hindi songs. Gaana offers various targeting options based on your customers’ interest, location, age, gender, device, language and consumption patterns across iOS and Android platforms. In 2018, Gaana left its competitors behind in the amount of search traffic it generated, performing almost 5 times better than them by the end of the year. Looking at the number of downloads in the last 6 months of 2018 alone, we find that Gaana is downloaded 48% of times as a percentage of all Indian Audio Apps downloaded. Compared to other audio-on-demand apps, it has not only the highest number of monthly active users but also more than 2.3 Billion monthly streams. 

releaseMyAd is India’s Largest platform enabling advertising for India’s top Mobile Audio Apps. Here you can advertise on Gaana at the lowest price. With advertising campaigns starting at Rs. 10,000, you can find flexible plans by targeting the right set of potential customers. To book your ad on Gaana just visit and follow the steps:

  1. Select the Gaana App: The app will be the platform through which you will reach your segment of customers
  2. Set the Campaign: Set the budget, date and timings for your campaign along with your ad 

And in the next 24 hours you are ready to go live. So go ahead and launch your Gaana ad campaign which suits your objective and budget!