Top Reasons Why You Should Advertise on Zee5


Video App Advertising is quickly becoming a favourite for advertisers in India. It’s still a relatively new concept but they are warming up to it at a quick pace. Driving a huge amount of traffic to their ads is one objective of advertisers, the other being getting a high click-through rate. Both these objectives are fulfilled optimally through Mobile App Advertising. Video Apps are one of the best places to advertise in this era, with video streaming almost replacing TV in many cases. With apps making mobile screens the primary screen, advertisers should use this to their advantage as advertising on mobile apps is not only easy, it is also more targeted than broadcast.

Advertising on Zee5

Zee5 is a relatively new video-on-demand platform, launched by Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited in 2018, but by no means is it behind the competition. It is the only OTT platform in India that offers content in 12 languages which makes it India’s largest, most comprehensive digital entertainment platform for language content. It has achieved PAN India reach across the Tier 1, 2 and 3 cities, with diverse content like shows, movies, awards, music, original content, kids content and news to name a few. Data, Technology and Content are the areas in which Zee5 strives for excellence and this is reflected through the growth factor of 1.9 in the MAUs and 3.4 for the monthly video views. With 41.3 Million Monthly Active Users, 5 Million Daily Active Users, 400 Million monthly video views and an average of 31 minutes spent daily per user, Zee5 is giving its competitors a run for their money. It has a higher affinity for the female audience as compared to the market standards, 85% of traffic comes through the Zee5 app and there has been increasing growth in SmartTV audience. Measurements certified by Nielson and MOAT, it is able to provide segmentations through audience buckets, interests, affinity and demographics to facilitate advertisers.

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