How to get your Brand Noticed on Hotstar


With changing times, the Advertising Industry has also evolved. Mobile App Advertising is what many advertisers are switching to and the video streaming platforms are offering a coveted place to advertise. With the hordes of traffic the apps drive in and better performance compared to website pop-ups, it’s an obvious better choice. But it doesn’t stop here. You can project your ads to the interested segment of the audience and this sub-audience is more likely to become your potential customers. This facility of getting information on the users and targeted advertising is not available in broadcasting, which makes Mobile App Advertising even more attractive.

Ads on Hotstar

Hotstar is an online video streaming platform which continues to dominate the Indian video-on-demand market. With over 235 Million app installations, Hotstar has seen 7 times the growth over 3 years bringing its MAUs to 110 Million. It’s leading with a monthly watch time of 12.7 Billion minutes, the closest competitor at 5.7 Billion minutes. With IPL 2018, its reach extended to 202 Million people and a world record was set with 10.3 Million simultaneous online viewers. Hotstar entertainment is as big as TV and has managed to establish a PAN India presence. It is emerging as a primary screen with the prime time matching that of the TV with almost 40% of the viewers following new episodes on Hotstar every day. The minimum on-screen rate and fully audible rate set by MOAT have been crossed by them, promising best in class viewability to keep users satisfied. Its viewers consume content across genres and languages with drama and romance taking up two-thirds of the share and Hindi being the most common language streamed among 9 languages. With targeting options based on geography, demographic, genre, data usage and interest of users, advertisers are able to reach out to their ideal segment as their audience. Advertisers can also fulfil their specific objective of brand awareness, sustenance or user engagement through different options Hotstar offers.

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