In some quick simple steps, advertise on the Dailyhunt app through releaseMyAd!


Dailyhunt, previously known as Newshunt, is an Indian language news application. It facilitates a news aggregator app that delivers content in 18 different languages. It offers a variety of news including global, business, entertainment, sports, weather, technology, etc. Further, the news is customized for every user in terms of preferred languages and topics. Advertising on Dailyhunt presents a unique opportunity to reach the right target audience through a mix of the appropriate ad type, targeting, and presentation.

Founded in 2007 it was a brain-child of Virendra Gupta. The parent company of Daily Hunt is Verst Innovation. It is headquartered in Bangaluru, India and Daily Hunt curates local content for the common mass of India.

Having  100 million-plus Google Play Store downloads it has a vast age range from 18-45 years with a monthly 292 million active users spending at least 30 minutes daily. Dailyhunt is a great choice for a successful digital ad campaign.

Dailyhunt offers a variety of focused selections that assist in achieving the proper target audience for the advertiser. These advertising options consist of the following –

Advertising on Dailyhunt App
  1. Geographical Targeting- Dailyhunt offers geographical targeting primarily based on which advertisers can target at a state, city level, and Pincode level.
  2. Keyword Targeting- Also recognized as contextual targeting, ads can be displayed as per the kind of content material chosen with the aid of the advertiser.
  3. Weather Targeting – Dailyhunt has powered up with Accuweather to grant options on the basis of weather. This offers a unique opportunity for advertisers to personalize their messaging on the foundation of the weather.
  4. Genre and Topic level Targeting – This consists of selecting sections, newspapers, and various genres of news such as business, finance, technological know-how, and the like.
  5. Language Targeting – Dailyhunt presents its content material in 14 kinds of languages. Ads can be centred on any of these languages.
  6. Gender Targeting – Male and Female target markets can be centred on ads.

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For advertising on the Dailyhunt app just follow the few simple steps as below:

  1. Click on the link
  2. Scroll through and check the ad types you want to select for your campaign.
  3. Submit the enquiry by filling up your contact details so that we can reach you and help you to set up the campaign and provide all the details as per your requirement.

Keep a 2 day prior to release day deadline in mind. It also takes up to 48 hours for the campaign to go live. During this time our executives will reach out to you for input specifications like campaign title, brand logo, Ad URL and more to complete the campaign launch.For further enquiries on advertising on Dailyhunt, drop an email to and launch your advertising campaign smoothly without any hassle with the self-serve portal of releaseMyAd.