Now Advertise On Spotify With Any Hurdles


From Taylor Swift to Coldplay, whenever we want to listen to any of our Hollywood singers the first app that comes in our mind to give us updates about them is, Spotify. Launched on October 2006 and having access to more than forty million songs Spotify has been everyone’s go-to choice since its advent. Its often commented that it was Spotify who set out the trend of music streaming services platform. Now Spotify has more than 100 million worldwide users who pay for Spotify premium making the brand reach its milestone with an increasing base of paid subscribers by 32% year-on-year. It is expected by the company to increase its users up to 222 million with an intend to develop a better advertising model.Advertising on Spotify

Spotify has 100% logged in an audience with extreme strong analytics and programs where demographic segmentation of its listeners is one of the strongest weapons of the company. Spotify collects billions of data points everyday scrutinizing each and every engagement of their users, from shifting of the songs, searching, skipping, shuffling to creating playlists for road trips, Spotify keeps tabs on each and every step of their users. Knowing their audiences moods, mindsets, tastes and behaviours is one of the most powerful features of the audience. According to the Spotify streaming intelligence data

  • Millennial  streaming habits are diversified; obsessed; have a habit of sharing and are 64% more likely to buy brands
  • Techies streaming habits are moody; more likely to stream on gaming console; are more brand conscious and are twice as likely to keep up with the latest fashion trends.
  • Moms streaming habits are diversified as they listen to every genre more than one particular genre

With an extreme categorized consumer base, Spotify is an exceptional surface, providing Brands with the favourable circumstances they need to create an impact on the audience. Expanding the memorandum of the brand that is recollected and reminisced among the consumers helps them to capitalize on their brand image.

Spotify offers different brands three types of advertisements to promote themselves on their platform:

  • Audio ads snippets served between the songs along with a clickable companion display unit which allows you to drive traffic to your website
  • A sponsored session allows the audience to listen to 30 mins ad-free music after watching your brands video
  • Video commercials  displayed to the users who are engaged and the app is in view
  • Display advertisements on an overview, homepage or on the leaderboard
  • Exclusively sponsoring a playlist and connect with your listeners.

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