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After Reliance Jio launched its cheap 4G services in India, in the year 2016, the mobile data internet penetration increased in millions. Synonymously companies like Apple, Samsung, One plus, Vivo and so on continued to bless the Indian Citizens with their increasing technically advanced mobile phones. This development was cherry on the cake for all the Indian audiences who were hungry for what youth these days term as “Binge Watching”. Since then the nature of media consumption has changed drastically. Now with the availability of cheap internet and improved graphics services, the youth of India have shifted their attention from the traditional broadcast media to the Digital Media. Digital media provides an unlimited option to its users who are continuously browsing different varieties of content almost every day. From listening to music, banking, shopping to video streaming everything is available on this Digital platform. The digital platform provides more control to users than over all the traditional services which have to be done in a scheduled and sequential way. By the end of 2016, India had approximately160 million digital video users.  Hence it is expected that the usage of digital media will increase enormously with time.Advertising on Hotstar

A recent phenomenon of Binge-watching is trending among the consumer behaviour which abbreviates as watching multiple episodes at one go. Streaming apps like Hotstar, Hulu, Netflix are providing different genres and different varieties of the content without any censorship and hence attracting a huge chunk of audience towards them. Now instead of buying DVDs of movies and TV series consumers are favouring these apps which is not only providing diversified uncensored original content but also storing the movies and TV series which can be binge-watched by them at their convenience. It is observed that 48% of millennials in India use online media for their entertainment than the rest 43% using cable TV. However, it’s not only the youth, but our elder generation also has enthusiastically adopted this digital video streaming platform to keep with the new era as well as their old acquaintances’ and younger family members. Overall 60% of the urban population is using the internet and approximately 20%of the rural population is using the internet which suggests that there are over 100 million people using online streaming video apps.

Even after the advent of the American video streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime with the huge audience base, Hotstar still holds top position in the Indian video streaming market providing quality content with on-demand videos. Hotstar is providing more than 50,000 hours of content, in not only Hindi and English languages but also in regional languages. Hotstar which is a subsidy of Star India provides movies and TV series like Yeh Rishta Kya Khelata Hai (2009-2019), Kasauti Zindagi Kay(2018) and many more serials, including regional languages ones for free. As discussed before not only the new serials but also old serials like Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon are also stored here with an increasing number of the binge viewers day to day. Including Indian movies and tv series Hotstar has also acquired the rights to the shows from HBO, Showtime, Star Fox and Disney in recent months by creating a premium account which gives the users to access famous TV shows like Game Of Thrones, Sharp Objects, American Horror Story. Recently with the broadcast of the new final season of the popular American series Game Of Thrones, Hotstar saw quite an increase in the number of subscribers of its premium account. In addition to its non-stop video streaming service, Hotstar also provides online live sports and news streaming service. With the rights to broadcast live Indian Premier League, Hotstar once again saw a staggering growth in its popularity, all of which terming the app as the number one for streaming videos in India. In 2018, about 202 million people watched the entire season of the tournament. As a result of its popularity, Hotstar gets over a million views per day with 90% watching live sports and only 10% watching on-demand sports video.Hotstar Advertisement

Hotstar, therefore, has an immense diversified content and reaches over 100 million active users per month with 7 lakh paid subscriptions til mid-July and is expected to cross over 18 million subscribers by the year 2021. In contrast to the traditional television cable tv broadcasting Hotstar has 2.5x has more reach where people spend 5x more time over here than the other platforms. Consequently, Hotstar is covering a substantial amount of audience every second which gives all the Brands golden opportunity to reach their targeted customer base and propose their varied messages, strengthening their stronghold in the market.

Hotstar helps all the brands to broadcast their campaign and build expectations and familiarity among their target niche audience. This platform allows you to break your audience according to age, gender, device behaviour, and operating system and make your company recognizable and trusted one on an instinctive level. Hotstar, one of the biggest digital media in India provides you with an opportunity to grow your business with a guaranteed increasing audience database.

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