Advertise on Wynk Music To Reach 4 million Daily Users


Today streaming is surging its popularity among every section of the audience which talks about a major shift in the consumer behaviour from traditional cassettes and radio to online streaming services. Consumption of music in digital format has increased so high that last year global revenues from music subscription and streaming platform grew by 51%. On December 2015 Bharati Airtel too entered this field of streaming music and launched its online music streaming service app called Wynk Music which is also termed by Airtel as carrier agnostic music app.  Within these few years, the popularity of Wynk has grown so high that the app has a staggering reach of 100 million downloads with 21 million active monthly users. Wynk is the second fastest growing online music streaming service platform in India where a user approximately spends almost 41 minutes every day. In a revolutionized ecosystem when phone storage is also not enough and people always have a hunger for more, Wynk Music comes at the top of many people’s mind. Wynk Music streams in five different languages including Hindi, English, Punjabi, Telugu and Tamil, of which 45% is streamed in Hindi.Advertise on Wynk

In order to create a successful Brand Positioning among the desired target audience, three things- Brand Recognition, Brand Association and Brand Awareness is of prime importance. This can be successfully done if a brand showcases itself through advertising and also through word of mouth marketing. Wynk Music over here has a diversified, properly scrutinized and segmented demographic listener base. Wynk offers five innovative advertising solutions to its users-

  • On Masthead Banners
  • Brand Channels
  • Interstitial ads
  • Audio Spots
  • Player Banner Spots

Out of 1.3 billion people in India, 460 million are daily internet users making India, the second largest online market. It is expected that by 2021, the number of internet users is going to increase by 635.8 million. This implies that almost half of the Indian population would go online within two years, which would mean that including 21 million active users, the potential listener base of Wynk also has a high possibility to increase. With an extensive reach of audience base, Wynk is the perfect place for brands who are trying to target an exclusive audience base. releaseMyAd having profound expertise in online and makes Wynk advertising quick and easy. If you want to reach this extensive listener base releaseMyAd will help you to get the best time, slot and ad optimized deal for Wynk Advertising in five simple steps-

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