Advertise On Hungama In Five Simple Steps


Back in 2008-09, if we wanted to listen to our favourite song either we would either request for it on the radio or store it up in our iPods. Today our technology has climbed up the ladder so high, that everything is stored up in the cloud and we don’t have to necessarily own separate storage devices like iPods and CDs for music. With the advent of online, on-demand music streaming services platform, along with technically modified mobile phones have caused the death knell of those traditional music broadcasters.

Joining this on-going saga, Hungama has now become, largest digital destination for Bollywood, Hollywood and regional music for audio entertainment active in 70+ countries. Hungama music app has elevated adaptability which makes it accessible to a laptop, desktop, mobile phones, and gaming consoles, but the apps on mobile phones have been able to drive 45% of traffic towards itself. Hungama has as many as 22 million active users who spent approximately 20 minutes every day engaged on the app. Hungama has become the only exclusively app in India which offers integrated audio and Video music experience with a content library of over 10mn Songs & Music Videos. Along with 2 million music tracks and over 5000 Bollywood, Hollywood, regional films across India, Hungama app now, has also developed some original web content like Barcode, Hankaar and Damaged attracting the youth of the country, who are inclined towards web content.Hunagama App Advertising

Today, with its reach across 70+ countries, Hungama app’s services cater to over 1.5 billion people across the globe. The app records that, there are 136 million Music Streams per Month, the demographically segregated audience of which lies between the age group of 24 to 40 years. These facts demonstrate that the Hungama app has become the appropriate channel for all the brands who want to market and advertise themselves on the digital platform in order to reach the segregated audience. Advertising on the Hungama app will help your brands

  • To increase the number of sales
  • The clickable ads will drive traffic towards your desired website
  • And most importantly, help in creating awareness about your brand and simultaneously also increase word of mouth marketing.

Digital Marketing is gradually becoming the ultimate form of sales marketing with continuous increasing internet penetration. It is becoming crucial for all the brands to find different varied platforms to reach the vast digitally engaged audience base. Indian media is the second fastest growing media industry in the world, entering this market and occupying space can be very profitable for all the brands who are trying to reach this section of the audience.

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