Advertisers Smartly Tuning to Gaana Instream Ads


I used to keep humming the track “Bas Bajna Chaiye Gaana, Bas Bajna Chaiye Gaana” when I saw the commercial on television. Little did I know what was coming. I barely saw the vision of seeing online music apps in our daily lives until now when I see the revolutionised ecosystem of the distribution and consumption of music in India. Our migration from CDs and radios to streaming music from the cloud has been a true rollercoaster ride in terms of quality and accessibility. With the emergence of smartphones in every pocket, the music needs of consumers have expanded beyond their phone storage and they need instant access to songs on their mind, for every emotion.

We’re living in a time-shifted, screen-shifted and on-demand world. People spend 21% more time on mobile apps (and 79% more time on music apps) than they did last year. Global revenues from music subscription and streaming platforms grew by 51% in the past year, signalling a major shift in the way people listen to music. Here’s what the comScore research says about consumption patterns between streamers(who log in to in-stream music apps at least once a month) versus non-streamers:

  • Over 2x as likely to be willing to pay more for brands
  • 61% more likely to recommend brands to a friend
  • 74% more likely to describe a brand as “the only brand for me”
  • 70% more likely to describe a brand as fun and playful

In the face of these unbeatable trends, businesses are faced with a whole new set of opportunities and challenges. Can they reach their target customers effectively? Luckily, a clearer picture of the streaming consumer is emerging, and it’s a promising one as cited by Gaana way back in 2015 with their campaign “Bas Bajna Chaiye Gaana”.

Gaana, being one of the most popular music apps of the country with more than 100 million downloads and over 70% active users, is highly popular amongst users aged between 18-34 years. It serves over 30 million songs majorly in the Hindi language. With rising popularity of Gaana in the online streaming market, however, marketers now seek after Gaana in their media plan.

Here are a few innovative ad formats that one can try on Gaana:

  • Native Audio Ads: 20-second audio ads that are skippable after 5 seconds is a great bet for marketers. It is part of the user experience with absolutely no chance of going unnoticed.
  • Audio Ads with Companion Banner: It is a 20-second audio ad with a 320*480 or 300*300 banner along with it, to strengthen the user experience.
  • Video Outstream Ads: These are 20-second video ads that pop up on the screen while you are listening to music and can be skipped after 5 seconds. These come with a high click-through rate.

Big or small, Gaana has become an aspirational media channel for every business owing to its stupendous audience base. Gaana allows you niche targeting, so you can choose to target users by age, gender, device, date and time, geography, bandwidth, behaviour, operating system and content genre. So you can actually be as specific to say that you can reach a potential customer, who stays in Lower Parel in Mumbai who owns an Android phone under Rs 15,000 and listens to Hindi music on a Sunday morning from 8 am to 11 am. Given that you have such a hyper-targeted campaign, your ROI will undoubtedly tend to be great.

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