What Would the World Look Like Without Newspaper Ads?


A newspaper is no more just a set of pages full of information. It has become a part of a lot of people’s daily routine. Some wake up with a newspaper in their hand and some go to bed with it. Whereas few people have made it their partner while travelling alone. Several surveys proved that it stood out as the most used and trusted source of information, under certain circumstances. Even if people had read the news online, The physical copy was always used for fact-checking the next morning to the happening.

Many people say that newspapers are not going to be there after a decade or so. Still, our fathers insist we read newspapers. Maybe because it is the best possible way of communication that gives us a great sense of educational values. Thus, we have a lot of reasons to continue with newspapers and as long as we read it, it is going to get printed. 

There are other factors that make newspapers running. One of those is the advertisements. A newspaper’s visual attractiveness also depends on creative advertisements that appear in the paper. Newspapers without advertisements will exactly look like the way India looked during nationwide lockdown because of the Covid19 Pandemic. A lot of colours, purity, air, but no life on the streets. Without advertisements, the global market will go empty and without newspaper ads, the trust and reliability of ads will mostly vanish. 

Thus, it is really important to keep hold of newspaper ads. Since now, many advertisers have stopped advertising in newspapers because of several inconveniences they have faced such as high expenses but low feedback, high consumption of time and money, e.t.c. If you are also one of them, then read the next part and change your future.

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