Why All Advertisers are on SonyLIV


The Video App Advertising Industry has emerged as a winner in spite of the relatively shorter time it has been around. Competing neck to neck with traditional print and digital media, it has created a huge market for itself because of two reasons. First, the high smartphone penetration helps bring a huge crowd to apps and second the higher click-through rate compared to online ads helps. This has revolutionised the mobile app ads and made the skeptic advertisers into believers over the short amount of time. With video streaming one of the most popular methods of entertainment, you are sure to gain the right attention by being on these apps.

Ads on SonyLIV App

Launched by Sony Pictures Network, SonyLIV is an online video streaming platform that provides several thousand hours of diverse premium quality entertainment. The content offered encompasses movies, TV shows, sports, music video and original web series across categories from Bollywood to International. It has been providing premium video-on-demand services with multi-screen engagement since 2013. With over 70 Million downloads, 55 Million Active Users per month and an average of 28 minutes spent on the app, a whopping 550 Million videos streamed each month is the result. SonyLIV provides targeting solutions based on geography, device, content consumption, demographics, time and OS platform used to enable advertisers to reach their optimal sub-audience. Segments like parents, tech-savvy, investors, online shoppers, foodies and affluent travellers created by the company, makes it easy for businesses to choose their target groups and maximise their efficiency. With data tracking and analysing DAR and MOAT certified, you can rest assured that accurate results will be coming your way. If that wasn’t enough, SonyLIV offers audience reservation and first party-third party data.  

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