Top 4 Reasons to Advertise on Airtel TV


Mobile app advertising, although still new, is faring better than the other media of advertising. This strong foothold has been made with mainly two reasons. The first being high smartphone penetration in India along with the best of apps to be offered drives hordes of users on the apps. Second being the better click-through rate app advertisements have as compared to online advertisements. With these two factors, Mobile App advertisements have become the first choice for many advertisers. Those who are still skeptical will benefit from this blog. Read on to know how you can leverage this video-streaming generation.

Airtel TV App Advertisement

Airtel TV is an online video streaming app launched by Airtel available on both iOS and Android platforms. The app offers unlimited streaming and downloading of English, Hindi, Regional and International movies, music videos and TV shows. Airtel TV has 100 Million app installations and users spend 123 minutes on average daily. With 3.5 Million daily users, 20 Million monthly users and 1.3 Billion minutes streamed monthly, it’s no surprise that 83% live TV consumption comes from Airtel TV. It was India’s most downloaded video app for the year 2018 with Hindi, English, Bhojpuri, Tamil and Kannada being the top 5 languages streamed. The sports genre came on top of the categories streamed at 47% of the total video streamed. Airtel TV caters to the needs of the advertisers by providing them with innovative advertising solutions to meet their target group through Masthead, Video Masthead, Featured Card Unit, EPG Masthead and Pre Roll Video. Companies like Axis Bank, Budweiser and Disney were able to achieve millions of impressions and achieve high CTR campaigning with Airtel TV.

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