A Hotstar Advertisement Can Make All The Difference!

The widespread penetration of the internet even to India’s remotest settlements is proof of how Indians are increasingly embracing newer technology. As a consequence, a correspondingly increasing number of people are now consuming content on their mobile phones and tablets. And this trend is only going to grow.

Ads in Hotstar App

Hotstar, now branded as Disney+ Hotstar, has grown to become one of India’s most popular online entertainment platforms. Hotstar provides a streaming media and video-on-demand service offering quality content across a variety of categories including movies, sports, TV series and exclusive original shows. Hotstar is available on Web, Android, iOS, FireTV and Apple TV. It is available across the length and breadth of the country and is available in 17 languages.

Hotstar offers more than 50,000 hours of quality content, available in English, Hindi and various regional languages. Today, Hotstar is India’s largest online entertainment platform with a wide and highly engaged audience. It has become one of India’s most widely subscribed mobile entertainment services, having registered over 235 million installations of the app till date. With over 100 million people per month on average consuming content on the platform, Hotstar is the ideal medium for your advertising needs.

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Hotstar lets you target your ads based on language, location, type of content consumed as well as demographics such as age and gender. Hotstar advertising model is very practical and organised so that you can book your ads and target the right people. 

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