Newspaper Advertisements: All the Stats, Facts, and Data You’ll Ever Need to Know


Newspapers, one if not the oldest advertising mediums that exist even today. Now in the age of digital media platforms, it has certainly lost its charm to some extent. But even then don’t get confused with the flashy and trendy social media advertisements this traditional advertising platform still holds the position as the No. 1 choice among advertisers.

Now let us look at some facts.

“India is one of the top countries in newspaper sales. Almost one-third of India’s 579 million literate population is said to read a newspaper now”, according to KPMG analysis.

One of the most popular newspapers Times Of India holds a position of publishing 33 editions across India.The highest number of editions printed by any newspaper publication.

 Dainik Bhaskar, the most read newspaper in the country, circulates 4,320,781 daily, as of 2018.

These are only a few examples; there are many more newspapers regional and national having their respective circulation numbers.

Now, why do the circulation numbers matter?

It’s important because just like views on the internet this lets you determine the number of audiences you can capture and let them have a glance over your advertisement and maybe turn them into potential customers.

To give an idea hundreds of ads are published in a single newspaper each day.

Now lets us look at the few important things you need to know to publish a newspaper ad

  • Different Ad formats:
  • Classified Text Ad: Ads consisting only of text no pictures you can use enhancements like colour to make it more appealing. These ads are the most affordable. 
  • Classified Display: Smaller than a display but better than a test ad. These ad consist of text with pictures.
  • Display Ad: The best visually appealing format of display ad in a newspaper. If you are not on a budget this is the format for the most attraction from the consumer.
  • Different Categories

   Newspapers offer a wide range of categories to choose from, such as:

  • Personal (Change of name, Lost and found, etc)
  • Property(for sale, accommodation wanted)
  • Let/rent
  • Business(for sale, offer/proposal,etc)
  • Vehicles
  • Classified tenders(public notice,tenders,etc)
  • Recruitment(situation vacant, situation wanted,etc)
  • Matrimonial(wanted bride or wanted groom)
  • Services
  • Obituary
  • Remembrance
  • Computers
  • Retail
  • Astrology
  • Travel
  • Education

You can choose to advertise in any of the categories depending on your ad matter. The category is heading under which your advertisement will be published. This helps the audience know even before reading your ad what it is about and thus reach the target audience easily.

  • Documentation Requirement

Now, most advertisements do not require any documents to get published in most papers. But some advertisements involve legal formalities require documents. Such as,

  • For Lost & Found: FIR copy or General Diary (GD) or Notarized Affidavit.
  • For a change of name: A notarized affidavit not more than 6months old or a gazette copy published by Department of Publication, Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs
  • Different documents are required for different kinds of Public Notice advertisements :
  1. Housing Society: Ad Matter should be written society letterhead & it should be duly signed & stamped.
  2. For legal issues (such as property ownership, disownment, etc): Ad Matter Should Be Written in a Lawyer Letterhead & it should be duly signed & stamped.
  3. Company Documents Misplaced/ Missing: FIR  stating the proper lost documents with company name (not be more than 6 months old).
  • For Obituary or remembrance advertisement: Death Certificate of the deceased or Cremation slip of the deceased or Doctor’s note stating the name & date of death of the deceased signed & stamped by authorized medical personnel.
  • Cost:

Now giving an ad in a newspaper may sound costly to a layman. But as one dives deep into the no. of audience the ad gets exposed to and editions to choose from according to your needs it is truly the most penny worthy medium of advertising.

Now the cost of a newspaper advertisement depends on a lot of factors.

  • Ad format 

There can be different types of ad formats as mentioned above. A classified text will cost you less than a classified display and a  display ad will cost you more than a classified display.

  • Newspaper selected

 Different newspapers have different rate cards. A regional newspaper will cost you less than a national one focusing on a niche audience. Here in releaseMyAd, we try to offer you the best possible rates in any newspaper allowing you to advertise in your desired newspaper with a saving up to 50% on cost.

  • Size

 The bigger your ad matter the costlier it gets. Of course, there is a base rate but beyond   that, as the ad matter increases so does the size and the cost of the ad.

 Other than these major factors the category and location also influence the cost of the advertisement.

For example, a property ad will not have cost the same as a matrimonial advertisement and vice versa.

Now when we know all the basics of newspaper advertisements, we are ready to book an ad. This traditional advertising medium does not necessarily require a traditional booking procedure. 

With the help of releaseMyAd, you can book an ad instantly for any newspaper with the help of the internet.

With Just  3 Simple Steps:

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