How to Get More Results Out of Your Newspaper Advertisements!


Newspaper advertising is one of the best ways to reach out to the masses by any individual or business. Newspaper is a media which reaches every nook and corner of India and in this age of internet and social media, it still commands a massive circulation and readership among the population.

However, every individual or business owner who wishes to advertise and promote themselves must understand a few basics of composing a newspaper ad so that the audience gets attracted to the ad and remembers it. Newspaper advertising is a very affordable medium however, it also has a very poor shelf life and thus, it is very important to use this promotion tool to the best and catch the attention of the audience towards it.

Advertising on Newspaper

Here are a few tips to make a newspaper advertisement effective and reap the best results out of them:

1)Find out what makes you stand out among the others. Whether it is a matrimonial ad, property ad, recruitment ad or an educational ad, the USP message should be clear in the advertisement. If it’s a matrimonial ad, it should mention the best achievements, high earning, superb education or dignified family background of the prospective bride or groom. In case of property ad, the posh locality, the special features of the house or flat concerned is essential. Recruitment ads should not miss to mention the special remuneration that will be provided along with the status of the employer in the industry. Educational ads must promote the facilities and the quality of the education that the institute will provide. Every business or individual must showcase what they are best in above their competitors.

2) You should always look forward to the best space in the newspaper to publish your ad even if it requires spending something extra as a premium charge. First page, third page right hand side corner, back page are few of the most sought after spaces in the newspaper. These spaces quickly come to viewer’s attention and do not get lost among other editorial columns. As the option of choosing page positioning is not available for Classifieds, you should ensure that proper category and sub-category is selected while booking a Classified Text or Classified Display ad so that optimal responses are generated.

3) You should take all efforts to use the space that you have bought by composing and designing a good ad creative. The font should be eye-catching and the colours should be bold enough to draw the attention of the advertiser. A professional designer or a good ad agency can be hired to design the ad creative. Although, designing scope is limited in case of Classified ads, nevertheless, most newspapers offer the option of special enhancements which can highlight your ad among the clutter.

4) Choosing the correct newspaper is very essential for getting the right response to the ad. While choosing the correct newspaper you should keep in mind who you are trying to attract with your ad and for whom your product or service is designed for. Advertising in the local vernacular newspaper allows you to connect with an audience within a geographical boundary. If you are looking for a wider audience throughout the country, it is best to go for a national daily. Many Indian newspapers publish pullouts and supplements on specific weekdays for different verticals like Recruitment, Education, Property, etc. For best reach out, such pullouts should be opted for.

5) Publishing the ad on the correct day of the week is most essential. While the best day to reach out people through the classified column is always Sundays but there are certain categories which specifically publish on a particular weekday. This differs with different newspapers and their editions. The Hindu Chennai would publish property ads on Saturdays whereas Times of India Bangalore the focus day for property ads is always Friday.

6) Create a sense of urgency in the ad and ask the advertisement viewer to act now. This is important as otherwise; the audience will go past the ad and forget all about it. If it’s a business ad, you can mention “Limited period offer”. In case of a matrimonial you can inform, “Looking for early marriage”. For Education ads phrases like, “limited seats available”. These unique expressions generate quick responses for a newspaper advertisement.

7) Last but not the least clear contact details are mandatory for any successful newspaper advertisement. Contact details can be in the form of phone number, email id, address or a website link. This will lead the ad’s viewer to your doorstep. Individual’s ads like matrimonial, property, etc can also contain the best time to reach out to you. 

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