How to Plan the Perfect Tamil Wedding Ceremony?


Planning a wedding is not an easy job. It takes a lot of preparation and efforts to finally execute things that have been planned. You’ve all heard of Indian weddings. They’re big, loud, colourful and filled with lots of fun. Well, that’s all true and Tamil weddings are no exception.  There are lots of functions and rituals that are followed a week before and after the wedding. So plan for all occasions individually.

So here is the checklist for planning your Tamil matrimony and make it an occasion to remember for years to come.

  • Wedding Venue– The first thing to do while planning a wedding is to book a venue as they get filled up very fast. Tamil weddings are usually held in marriage halls so find the best in your town and book it off as soon as your wedding date is fixed.
  • Wedding Attire– The most important aspect of any wedding is the wedding ensemble of both the bride and the groom but more stress is laid on the bride’s attire. It is selected much in advance and the accessories to go with it are also decided way before the wedding. A Tamilian bride looks every bit of a Goddess on earth in a beautiful kanjeevaram silk sari, wearing tradition gold jewellery from head to toe and showing off her long braid accessorized with hair jewellery and flowers. The groom, on the other hand, could wear a dhoti and kurta or a sherwani if he wants. Ensure that the wedding outfits for both are decided and kept ready with all the accessories much in advance.
  • Decor– The decor in Tamil weddings is basic and traditional. A lot of it is done with flowers. The wedding mandap or stage is covered with floral arrangements. The more modern decor would also use drapes, lights and other decorative props for the venue. The main idea is to make the hall look festive, bordering on gaudy. However, now with tastes and trends evolving people have started going in for subdued and classy décor. Ensure that you fix up a decorator much in advance and discuss what you want him to do.
  • Food– Usually in Tamil Weddings, you will find purely vegetarian food and typically of the state.  So it is important that you find good caterers who can produce delicious and authentic Tamilian cuisine.

Now as now the major aspects of Tamil matrimonial, you can easily plan a South Indian wedding for your loved ones. Just fix a budget and work on it to organise the wedding.