The Weirdest Tamil Matrimony Ads that Would Make Your Jaws Drop


It is indeed strange how strangers become lovers and lovers turn into life partners.

We all know the importance of life partners in our lives. A person with whom you shall love to be together forever. One who shall support and understand you in the best way! No matter what happens that person would protect you and accompany you throughout your life.  

Now finding your ideal match is no easy task. Wedding ceremonies differ as per the culture, tradition, and rituals of the specified communities. However, we generally rely on newspaper advertisement in order to find bride and groom. The Tamil community is no exception in this case. But then we do get to see some weird and hilarious Tamil matrimonial ads in some places.

Haven’t witnessed such ads? I can share some for you…

  1. Because engineers are widely available in the neighbourhood now!
  2. You might mistakenly add salt to your recipe instead of sugar with too much involvement in social media. Eh?
  3. What more do you expect from your parent now?
  4. When your attire speaks about your cast!!
  5. We highly criticize racism and we do not discriminate either. It is just that, beauty is the main consideration to us.
  6. Yes! Weddings are costly affairs. So being calculative while booking a Tamil matrimonial advertisement is smart! Correct?
  7. Now here we have an URGENT marriage proposal! That too within 15 days! Sounding fishy?
  8. Though this one is a matrimonial ad, yet the purpose is somewhat different. It does not seem to be an ordinary bride and groom wanted ad… I wonder what the advertiser actually wanted to advertise!
  9. When your style statement matters!
  10. Okay! I got it now. “Baby ko mama’s boy pasand nehi”. No worry girl! You will soon get a papa’s boy. I believe this should work…

Jaws dropped already?

It is true that people will judge you with these blunders. It would be better if you don’t give them a chance to do so. Don’t repeat these mistakes.  

When you are planning to book an advertisement, it is important to have proper ad content. Now here these people tried to get the perfect match for them, but their mistakes turned situations in the wrong way.

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