Hilarious Tamil Wedding Invitations that Will Make You GASP


Whether you plan to go with the traditional way of a wedding with a grand celebration, or a homely affair with a casual cocktail party, or a civil marriage with a simple dinner party to follow with, the mandatory part is letting people know about the event… And for this, you need to plan your way of invitation.

The first impression that your guests shall have on you, depends on the way you invite them. With this digital age, people do invite over Email, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and the likes. However, it is seen that Tamilians believe in the actual and physical form of invitations. After all, that emotion which one gets to experience while opening an envelope and then holding the card, reading out each and every word written on it and then preserving the same, shall never be replaced with an e-card.

Without ignoring this sentiment, these people had planned their Tamil wedding cards with a twist of modern conceptualization

Have a look at these awesome ideas…

  1. The crazy cartoon wedding card with a storyline
  2. Funny and cute… Somehow symbolizing their hometown
  3. Now for a bold and witty wedding card… mugshots! Eh?
  4. What happens when an artist ties the knot with a guitarist?

Opposite attracts indeed!

  1. Now, this is called Obsession! When you cannot imagine life without them… Love for Minions!
  2. Perhaps they had to share their love story with the world… Well, this is the best option in such a case!
  3. When a foodie falls in love with a Chef…
  4. Game mode on!! When two card lovers get hitched, this is what happens…
  5. Yes, we understand that you are fond of movies!
  6. Go with the flow… Hashtag!

It is good if you are trending!

  1. When it was important to tell the world that they got to know the secret of unpuzzling life…
  2. No credit limit!

This indeed portrays that their love is beyond all limits.

  1. When 3 states and 3 countries get involved…
  2. A “match” made in Heaven!

Loved them?

We know, falling in love with these classic concepts of invitations is quite obvious!

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