Tamil Wedding Bride Dress Ideas You cannot Ignore


India is a land of multiple religions with language, traditions, customs and culture.  In the midst of these entire differences, one thing that remains common is the excitement that prevails in a family where the wedding is planned to happen. Tamil matrimony is no exception.Tamil Wedding Dress

Tamilians are known to be modest but very meticulous with the wedding details. Be it the rituals, bride’s outfit, her hairstyle, even the accessories selection is an elegant yet ritualistic affair. In the midst of planning wedding venue, decor and honeymoon, deciding the bride’s wedding dress still top the list.

The Tamil Bride presents a stunning picture of bridal beauty and elegance. Draped in beautiful and traditional Kanjeevaram Silk sarees in bright hues paired with gorgeous-looking jewellery, a Tamil Bride is one of the most celebrated icons of the Indian culture.Tamil Brahmin Wedding

In case of Tamil Brahmin matrimony, the brides wear Kanjeevaram sarees which are generally 9-yards long while in case of Tamil non-Brahmin weddings the Kanjeevaram is 6-yards long.

The saree is worn in the traditional Madisar style. The bride’s wedding trousseau has to contain more than one of these traditional sarees to be worn at different occasions throughout the course of the rituals. The sarees are of bright colours with contrasting borders that have gold threads woven into lush designs.Tamil Christian Marriage

In Tamil Christian weddings, brides can wear white or ivory gowns or they can simply wear a white and golden sari.  These days the designer dresses, pastel colours and floral prints are in trend so you can drape your wedding dress according to that.

While choosing a bridal dress, make sure you have considered all the factors mentioned below-

  • Comfort: Comfort comes first. If you are wearing what’s in trend but aren’t feeling comfortable in it, you will end up ruining your look. If you are comfortable in the most bizarre dress or even the simplest, you will rock it.
  • Complementing the groom’s attire: On the wedding day, the bride’s wedding dress should complement the grooms attire. But don’t go for something totally matching. Go for a subtle match.
  • A contrast from the Reception attire: The brides dress for a wedding should be different for the groom dress you wear on the day of the reception. Indian weddings have the reception two days after the wedding, typically. Make sure your dress is totally different from these two days. You should get to flaunt two completely different looks on both these important days.
  • A Color that Suits You: Make sure both the outfits are in a colour that suits you. Experiment with some colours at least on one of the two big days. Also, when you try to match your outfit with that of your groom, don’t go for the dominant colour on his attire. Go for a colour that will suit you, and is only slightly present on his.
  • Proper Fitting: The bride and groom dress must be purchased well in time for the wedding. Either of them could need alterations according to the changed physique of the bride and groom.

These days in Tamil Marriages brides usually experiment with different wedding dresses to bring out the best look on their big day. Those typical white and golden sarees are been replaced by colourful and intricate fabrics.